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Angels Never Die - Head Of Sales And Marketing

İş Açıklaması


Angels Never Die is recruiting for the position of Head of International Sales and Marketing (wholesale) who will have a critical role in growing the Angels Never Die brand in its global markets. The Head of Sales and Marketing is responsible for developing and managing the sales organization, recruiting agents and creating new distribution channels, Leading prospecting, managing and monitoring the client portfolio (e-business, retailers, multi-), directly servicing/selling to some local key accounts as well as for building the brand and business in these countries.

İstenen Yetenek ve Uzmanlıklar


• Lead the sales force made up of agents, distributors, and in house staff, support field sales, give regular advice on the commercial approach and messages to send to clients

• Ensure proper sizing of the sales teams and recruiting the appropriate new employees

• Key account business development

• Initiate and monitor strategic accounts for the company

• Identify relevant business targets for the sales force and set individual goals and / or collective development of sales

• Submit to the general management a marketing and sales budget

• Analyze studies from the information reported from the field sales force and suppliers to identify market trends and positioning of the company in this market

• Determine the nature and volume of products to launch, maintain or give up.

• Fix the tariff policy, prices and margins

• Performance monitoring and budget control

• Monitor individual and group business results and validate the achievement of objectives