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Baldur Süspansiyon Üretim - Industrial Engineer

Job Definition



Perform detailed studies of company processes in order to: discover deviations, propose solutions and execute the plan agreed.


Production engineering

1.                 Implement and standarize shopfloor organization and 1st maintenance level

2.                 Evaluates production lines productivity and corrects deviations in coordination with production staff

3.                 Create process and operation instructions for all production processes

4.                 Develop a production back up plan for each product and each machine


Process engineering

1.                 Follows process parameters evolution and finds solutions to recover process parameters in case of deviations

2.                 Coordination with Production supervisors, Maintenance technicians and management in order to fix process problems

3.                 Ensure all production processes are standardized before new product run serial on plant.

4.                 Keep all product/production documentation updated and available in production lines


Continuous improvements

1.                 Data evaluation to identify plant bottlenecks to get improvements on production time, tool changes, breakdowns, slow downs

2.                 Perform detailed description of tool changes and set ups to propose feasible improvements

3.                 Minimize material handling and improve internal logistics organization

4.                 Audit and control company targets are reached and investigate actions to correct deviations.

5.                 Collect data of any process under process of improvement

6.                 Clear, detailed and understandable presentation of process change plans to plant management prior to change application

7.                 Leadership on process changes execution and perseverance until changes are completely stablished and running unattended.


General Functions

1.                 Apply mother company policy in terms of continuous improvement

2.                 To promote coordinate and monitor compliance with the provisions of management system for quality,enviromental management,and management of health and safety at work.

3.                 Promote team work and good communication through all departments and specially with production staff (section supervisors and operators)

4.                 Understanding all issues created to all actors involved in new process stablishment.


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