İlan Detay

Batıbeyler Yapı - Exclusive Yapı - Tütüncü Yapı İş Ortaklığı - Czech Civil Enginner

Job Definition

  • Establish, maintain and complete the project life cycle in terms of time, quality and cost.
  • Referral and management of the project in accordance with the work schedule.
  • To coordinate the contractors for the completion of the site works on time and on budget.
  • Establishing sub-contractor relationships with the employer.
  • To monitor, supervise and control the construction works carried out in the field according to the work schedule
  • Preparation, control and inclusion of monthly progress payments.
  • Preparation, control and revision of all license and implementation projects of the project.
  • Organization of procurement processes.
  • To ensure that all construction works are in compliance with the contract, the relevant legislation and to check on site.


• Graduated from Civil Engineering departments of universities,

• Advanced knowledge of Czech and English,

• Developed problem solving skills and analytical thinking skills,

• Strong communication skills, prone to teamwork,

• No travel barriers