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Crossover LLC

Senior Verificator/Developer, Telecom $15/Hr

İstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa, Ankara, İzmir

Crossover LLC - Senior Verificator/Developer, Telecom $15/Hr

Job Definition

Senior Verificator/Developer (Telecom) - $30K

Do you have 5 to 10 years of experience in Development for Charging in BE, BTech Electronics, Electrical, Information Science, Telecom, MCA? If so, this role may be a great fit for you.

Job Description:

Reporting to the Global Head of Customer System Architecture, you will be responsible to deliver a wide array of projects for our Strategic Customers in the OSS/BSS field. As a Senior Verificator/Developer you will be a technical point of contact in terms of proposing, creating and implementing bespoke solutions for key clients.

Company Description:

Crossover is redefining the way people work. Brick and mortar offices are history. The future of our global workforce will be built from teams collaborating from every corner of the world. We have embarked on an expedition to find and engage with that talent. Crossover has developed a unique method of finding, curating, and managing remote contractors. Our innovative contractor based model, does not mean temporary - it means flexibility with global teams. Everyone is a contractor, your managers, your peers, etc. Our platform connects customers to the world’s best talent for both technical and non-technical jobs. But we don’t just find the best, we also provide the tools, training, and relationship building support to ensure success for long term growth.

Key responsibilities:

  • Understands of Customer requirements(Solution Proposal, R-Spec., Ticket Spec etc), and product features of BSS portfolio

  • Evaluate and analyze R-Spec and 3rd party interface specification according to contract requirements

  • Develops value added IN services based on technologies/protocols like INAP, CAP, MAP, GPRS, CORBA, Diameter, and so on -DEV related only-

  • Customizes product configuration for the customer solution (database, settings, configurations)

  • Performs trace analysis

  • Test Case Identification and Feature Coverage Check

  • Participation in customer and internal Workshops

  • Definition of Integration Concept and Test Specification -VER related only-

  • Planning and Set-up of customer specific test-lab configuration according to contract requirements

  • Plans test strategy for module testing & perform functionality tests according to test plan

  • Analyze fault situations, identify faulty units / parameters; detect and describe interoperability weak points

  • Provisioning of Symptom Data for error corrections

  • Documentation of test progress and project reporting

  • Preparation of Customer and internal procedures and release documentation

  • Follow -up with Development on critical issues and solving the same

  • Processing of Fault Reports, technical queries, provisioning of fault corrections and SW updates, writing test status reports, Emergency Handling

  • SW Release Management

  • Acceptance support using ATMN as base of test case execution (including onsite)

Required experience and education:

Personal attributes

  • Results oriented, innovative, and takes initiative

  • Focuses on customer, has good communication skills, Assertiveness

  • Ability to analyze, learn, and be self-driven

  • Team player

Processes and artifacts

  • CPP/Milestone target

  • RfE process

  • CSD adapt@once designer effort estimation

  • Special EE for adapt@once

  • Web-TPD, Cluster and configuration packages

  • PD/Media Build

  • Requirement Specification (Rspec)

  • F-Spec and Ticket Spec know-how

  • Module Test plan

  • APS Production process

  • Agile methodology + scrum team

  • CI & Jenkins know how

  • PRIMA,WMIP, Emergency Info and Service Info -PITAC related only-

  • T-Spec

  • UUT Process

  • Customer Release process

  • F-Spec and Ticket Spec know-how

Tools and scripting languages

  • XML

  • UNIX Advanced

  • SQL

  • Test and Fault Management Tools

  • Clear case - DEV related only -

  • Core Java

  • Flex Tools - DEV related only -

  • Service management interfaces

  • Test and Fault Management Tools

  • test@once with IPSL - VER related only

  • Test Suite Manager (TSM)

  • Migration tool

  • Relocation Tool

  • JIRA tool

  • Offer Manager

  • INTACT tool

Technology and protocols

  • GSM Technology

  • SS7

  • INAP

  • CAP

  • GPRS

  • MAP


  • TCP/IP

  • Diameter

Product expertise

  • charge@once Unified

  • IPD/ngIPD

  • SS7 Dispatcher

  • Service management interfaces (Example: Batch interface)

  • Trace analysis

Total compensation: $15/hour ($30K/year)

Position type: 40 hours per week

Location: Global (remote)

We’re one of the few legitimate companies offering high-paying jobs that are 100% remote, work from home. You never have to fight traffic to the office again and you have the freedom to choose when and where you put in your 40 hours to be most effective each week.

To qualify, please provide a resume/CV demonstrating the required experience and skills. From there, to help us find the top 1% of talent, there will be a series of interviews and online skills examinations. We realize these are challenging and can require a decent amount of time - so we thank you in advance for your efforts.

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