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İŞ İLANI VER:0216 572 25 25
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DDI Teknoloji ve Bilişim Çözümleri Ar-Ge Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. - System Administrator And Product Technical Consultant

Job Definition

DDI Teknoloji ve Bilişim Çözümleri Ar- Ge Hizmetleri Ltd. Şti. has been operating since 2003. The head office is located in Istanbul and a specialized develeopment office is located in Edirne University Teknokent facility.

Having partnerships with SAP, OpenText, Kofax, Microsoft, and having successfully delivered dozens of ECM, BPM, Digitalization Projects, we are mainly in service of holdings, public utilities, municipalities banks.

  • The employee, will administer and maintain virtual servers(20-30), database servers(a few), physical servers(a few), virtualization platforms(2), physical firewall device, a few network attached devices, user accounts of office users, computers(not more than a few days a week),
  • Will install and configure physical servers(rarely) for our outsource projects, will maintain personal laptops of office staff if needed(rarely),
  • Will support product group and our outsource projects infrastructure wise and with further issues according to his/her own sufficiency, skillfulness,
  • Will correspond officially with domestic customers and our business partners(ECM) from abroad through a ticket/case system on technical problems,
  • Will solve the technical problems in the scope of his/her proficiency with a certain level of dedication.
  • For an enthusiast employee there will be a lot of space for development in ECM solutions.

For the position of System Administrator and Product Technical Consultant we are searching for a teammate aiming to contribute to the work environment and to develop himself/herself.


  • The applicant should have at least a bachelor’s degree from a relevant engineering department (such as but not restricted to, Computer, Electric-Electronic, Mathematics Engineering, Programming etc.),
  • Should be knowledgable and skillful in Microsoft Enterprise Products(this is a must)(MCSE certificate is a strong reason of choice),
  • Might be knowledgable about Databases(prefarably MSSQL; ORACLE knowledge is a plus),
  • Should be knowledgable about virtualization technology and platforms,
  • Might have knowledge on web and application servers,
  • Should be open and dedicated to learning and personal development,
  • Should fit in teamwork and flexible, busy work environment,
  • Should have satisfying communication skills,
  • Should be solution oriented,
  • Should completely understand the whole content of this advert and have no problem in understanding technical documentations and writings and also should feel no difficulty to express a technical issue in English,
  • Preferably non-smoker,
  • Should not have any obstruction for travelling,
  • Should have no military service obligation for male candidates(at least for a year).
  • All requested features in here will be questioned in the interview so please do not apply if you do not fit in these minimal requirements.