İlan Detay


3d And Object Modeling Architect

İstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa, Ankara, Bursa, İzmir, Çanakkale, Eskişehir

Egeid - 3d And Object Modeling Architect


3D models and augmented reality that we consult to be employed for our USA-based company that makes;


-Architect, Interior designer, Industrial Design etc. sections
-He has completed their military service for male candidates,
-Fluent in native English, -preferably experienced in 3D and object modeling,
-Adobe substance, photoshop program knowledge,
-Preferably character rigging and general animation knowledge
-Creative and Proactive, -highly motivated,
-Able to work in a planned and regular manner,prone to teamwork
-those who are/ will be residing in Izmir or Ankara.
-Those who want to advance your career goal in 3D and Object Modeling
-We are looking for a 3D and Object Modeling Architect teammate.


-Make 3D and Object modeling.
-Material properties specific to the needs of various platforms
to adapt.
-Working with programs like Photoshop, Adobe substance.
-Working on platforms such as lens studio,spark AR
-Producing output on platforms like GLB,USDZ