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İlan Detay

Ekol Lojistik - Collection Specialist - Assistant Specialist

Job Definition

​Our company founded in 1990, operates in 15 countries with 7000+ employees in Turkey and abroad.Since we are growing rapidly, we are looking for a “Collection Specialist/Assistant Specialist” located in İstanbul accordance with the following criteria for our company:

  • Knowledge of collection techniques
  • Monitor accounts to identify outstanding debts
  • Investigate historical data for each debt or bill and update system daily
  • Take actions to encourage timely debt payments
  • Resolve billing and customer credit issues
  • Update account status records and collection efforts
  • Report on collection activity and accounts receivable status
  • Responsible for reconciliation sub-contractor and planing the payment lists.


  • Bachelor's Degree,
  • Experience of minimum 1 years in the field,
  • Working meticulously, carefully, and systematically,
  • Advanced level English (both written and speaking),
  • Keeping up with a busy schedule with optimum use of time, and keeps a close tab on their work
  • Responsible, Skilled in negotiation
  • Having full command of Google Applications and preferably familiar with SAP,
  • Completed military service (for male candidates only),