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İlan Detay

Job Definition

Established in 1990, our company operates in Turkey and 14 other countries with over 7000 employees. We continue to achieve strong growth, and use state-of-the-art technology that inspire the industry . We are currently looking for an “Employer Branding and Internal Communications Specialist” at the İstanbul/Anatolian Side .

Job Description:

  • Creating content for intranet, keeping it up-to-date, and undertaking steps that will ensure more frequent employee visits,
  • Creating content for internal communications, and making sure that the content prepared by other departments are appropriate according to corporate language and structure,
  • Shaping employees who will nurture the corporate culture and values, and have a sense of corporate loyalty,
  • Planning and executing internal communication activities in line with the communication strategy,
  • Managing Ekol Careers pages,
  • Planning and performing sports, cultural, and social events to improve employee motivation,
  • Helping to increase brand recognition, protecting and elevating the brand's values and making sure they are consistent with the company's corporate identity.
  • Working in collaboration with the Human Resources Department to facilitate internal communications, and creating a corporate culture to make Ekol a preferred employer brand; executing projects on employee improvement, adaptation and productivity,
  • Carrying out any other tasks not stated above but that fall within the job description, and making sure that the manager is duly notified.


  • Bachelor's Degree,
  • Experience of minimum 3 years in the field,
  • Working meticulously, carefully, and systematically,
  • Advanced level English (both written and speaking),
  • Keeping up with a busy schedule with optimum use of time, and keeps a close tab on their work
  • Responsible,
  • Having full command of MS Office and preferably familiar with Photoshop,
  • Completed military service (for male candidates only),
  • Having a B Class Driving License and being able to actively drive a vehicle,
  • Being a resident of the Istanbul Anatolian Side.

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