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İlan Detay

Ekol Lojistik - Software Developer Specialist

Job Definition

  • Developing ASP.NET Web Forms or MVC dynamic applications,
  • Developing native or HTML5-based mobile applications.


Our company founded in 1990, operates in 15 countries with 7000+ employees in Turkey and abroad.Since we are growing rapidly, we are looking for a ''Software Developer Specialist” located in İstanbul/Anatolian side accordance with the following criteria for our company:

  • Bachelor’s degree (preferred in engineering, mathematics and information systems related field),
  • Have knowledge at the level of programming in Oracle and Ms-Sql database,
  • Know object Oriented concept, developed the project with .NET C #,
  • Excellent English proficiency in terms of writing and speaking,
  • Strong skills about, planning, analytical skills, attention to details and problem solving,
  • Following the new technology, open to learning,
  • Solution-oriented, can take the initiative, responsible,
  • Experienced at analysis, design, documentation, and test subjects,
  • Have coordination and routing capabilities,
  • Minimum 5 years of experience,
  • Male candidates should have completed the military service requirement,
  • Residing on Asian side of Istanbul.