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İlan Detay


Job Definition

Ersa Health Tourism Consultancy and Information Technologies Ltd. Co .; Natural Hair Turkey, NHTLab and NHT Academy are all leader group companies. Thanks to its innovative vision and export-oriented investments, Ersa Health provides high quality standards products and services in health, cosmetics and education fields to the tens of thousands of customers from more than 60 countries of the world, especially in the Middle East and Europe.

Ersa Health has been serving the world standards in the fields of plastic surgery and dental aesthetics, mainly in the field of hair transplantation, since 2014 with the Natural Hair Turkey brand. Thanks to its extensive marketing network, again to customers in more than 60 countries of the world. Ersa Health, organizing internationally recognized certificate programs with NHT Academy in the field of education, provides theoretical and practical trainings in the training center for health professionals from around the world with personalized training programs.

Ersa Health is one of the leading companies in the field with the value given to human resources; With a young, dynamic and multinational team of more than 300 employees, more than 10 languages, innovative vision and the latest technology in every field it specializes in, it has become the leading brand in the sector in a short time.

We are looking for workmates who will work full time in the projects that our institution will develop in the new period and who have the qualifications mentioned below.


Who knows at least one of the Russian, Romanian, German, English, French, Spanish, Arabic or Italian language, very well (reading, writing, speaking)

With a high level of communication and persuasion ability,

Who has a high level of ambition to work and is eager to team work,

To ensure that sales-related activities are carried out within the sales policy in the foreign regions where he\she is responsible.

Managing existing and potential customer relationships.

Participating in customer satisfaction enhancement studies.