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History DEM Ilac has been founded in 1991 as a part of a retail pharmacy.
The first establishment was oriented to function as a wholesale depot together with some importation of drugs and distribution. Prior to that it was constructed as an medical oriented company under the name of Dem Medikal in 1984. The founder, Dr. Hakverdi Demir after graduating from Faculty of Pharmacy as a military pharmacist has been serving in the army for 15 years having colonel major rank when he left the army. During his serving he had positions like �Member of The Procurement Office of the Armed Forces� and for a while the director of the said committee. He also served in the �Inspection Section of the Pharmaceutical Affairs of Armed Forces�. He had vast experience in tender contracts, how to prepare them, how to fulfill the requirements and how to inspect. During these works he also completed his Ph.D. thesis on �Anticancer Active Amino Sugar Derivatives At the beginning the company has applied for some generic drug manufacturing registrations along with some imported drugs permits. He also had agreements with foreign companies to distribute medical instruments. Thus the company started both pharmaceutical preparations importation seeking new technologies and registration opportunities and also importing health care equipment and instruments particularly for orthopedic purposes which later on turned out to become secondary in the system. With the time the company concentrated on blood derivatives and niche hospital medicines. Subsequently having vast clinical relations and a stable position in preparations requiring clinical expertise.
High regarded clinical achievement opened up new alley for soft preparations of cosmetic kind, like dressings of different kinds and care products. The company had always very warm relations with academic environment very open to newest technologies and very open to latest visions.

With the understanding mentioned above the company started to operate on two basis. One body consisted of the pharmacy and related substructure and the other by DEM Ilac and again related substructure. The two institutions backed up each other in times when necessary. This has proved to be a good model in order to integrate the popular service with larger scale production and distribution.

Present Structure At the present the company has the facilities given below;

There are mainly 6 headquarters two in Istanbul one each in Ankara, Izmir, Adana, and Samsun. One of the Headquarters in Istanbul is the main Headquarter. Thus, almost all the activity in terms of performance takes place here. This Headquarter are located in a five floor building belonging entirely to the service of the Headquarters. The floors have been designated according to the needs of the company.

Ankara is the Capital of Turkey and all official activities related to Ministry of Health and other Ministries and General Management of Pharmaceutical Affairs happen to be there. The Ankara Office is the Headquarter for official paperwork along with other conventional duties.
We recently opened two more Headquarters in East and South. These are located at Izmir and Adana. The Headquarters are mainly Management Offices together with conventional services. These offices are equipped as needed which will be explained later where appropriate. District Offices:
As Turkey is a large country and distribution of items like time limited drugs and drugs requiring cold chain distribution, makes it necessary to create a network that covers entire country with efficient delivery and transferee system. Subsequently the company had to establish 12 district offices.
These offices are equipped as needed which will be explained later where appropriate.

Ware Houses and Depots:
A company who deals with large amounts of material should have warehouses and depots. The company has many warehouses and cold roomed depots to keep and ship the goods. The main depots are in the places where the headquarters are.

Occupation Fields As it has been explained before DEM Ilac started the business as a pharmacy and expanded shortly including the other branches. The major field being pharmaceuticals and health care in general. Manufacturing:
The company has manufacturing registrations. These registrations contain some antitussive preparations, radio contrasts, digestive enzyme preparations, anti-cold preparations etc. These are generic preparations. Importation and Distribution:

As the main topic of the company is Pharmaceuticals, it imports finished dosage forms of demanded drugs and distributes them throughout Turkey. Among these items one area where it is most concentrated happens to be blood derivatives and related drugs. At the moment the company imports and distributes
Human Albumin 20% at various volumes
Factor VIII
I.V. Immunglobulin
Vaccines of different kinds

Hospital Goods and Medicinal:
The company imports and distributes medicinal and many laparoscopic goods together with orthopedic goods. As it is seen above at the items of concern the Company became more and more specialized at the hospital medicinal. At the moment The Company is seeking niche items to deal with particularly at the area of hospital pharmaceuticals. Clinical Goods:
The company imports and distributes some diagnostics like pregnancy tests.

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