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İlan Detay

FORTECH BİLİŞİM - Solution Delivery analyst

Job Definition

*Ensure that developed BPM applications meet corporate objectives, fulfill end-user requirements, and identify and resolve business requirements issues.

*Create documentation and technical specifications of any BPM solution under consideration to define its intended functionality.

*Collaborate with testers, analysts, developers, and system owners in the testing of developed BPM solutions.

*Ensure that any new software integration into company systems meets functional requirements, system compliance, and interface specifications.

*Formulate and conduct training sessions and teaching materials for propagating BPM applications’ knowledge throughout the organization.

*Identify, schedule, and coordinate software improvements, patches, upgrades.

*Perform requirements gathering and analysis to include: analytical techniques, interview techniques, data gathering techniques, current system documentation, business modeling methods, business process, rules and logic, data gathering to solve complex issues, development of implementation plans, development of requirements, joined application development (JAD) sessions and key analytical troubleshooting.

*Coordinate development and implementation of test plans / scenarios to ensure successful delivery of a BPM development / implementation project.

*Lend support to various business and technology teams as necessary during design, development and delivery to ensure intuitive, solid, scalable, robust solutions.

*Communicate effectively in both verbal (i.e. day-to-day discussions, team meetings) and written (requirements and design specifications) form, as well as have an overall ability to be clear and concise in all communication

*Accurately assess the risks associated with each BPM development projects.

*Effectively manage multiple priorities.

*Perform additional job-related duties as requested.


*Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, General Information Technology, or a related Engineering field

*Preferred: Project management skills and exposure to project-based work structures, formal training in negotiation / facilitation skills

*5+ years of increasingly responsible direct experience in overseeing the direction, development, and implementation of BPM solutions, strong insight in main foundational areas of custom developed applications including but not limited to: finance, accounting, supply chain, procurement, technical investment, audit and Integration with ERPs and other external systems.

*Strong critical thinker with problem solving aptitude

*Strong business and systems analysis skills, test planning and testing skills, troubleshooting skills and experience with numerous environments and architectures

*Experience in data gathering and facilitation techniques (i.e. meetings and Joined Application Development (JAD) sessions)

*Experience with requirements management, use case and modeling tools

*Strong decision making / problem solving skills and experience with software / BPM development projects

*Experience with applying and general knowledge of various analysis and gathering approaches, methodologies and models

*Demonstrated leadership and attention to detail skills through prior experience at the strategic and tactical / implementation levels

*Strong analytical and planning skills / experience with software development projects

*Strong English and Turkish language skills (written/oral) would be desired.