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İlan Detay

Havi Lojistik Tic. Ltd. Şti. - Chief Of The Logistics

Job Definition

  • To ensure implementation and control of planning,
  • Standardize business processes,
  • Preparing the operation on budget,
  • To demonstrate objectives that will improve efficiency by controlling efficiency of the operation,
  • Preparing the optimal rut plan,
  • Observing employee productivity, taking actions that increase productivity,
  • Determine employee needs,
  • Make weekly and monthly reports according to Havi standards,
  • Check the cost for the warehouse,
  • Communicating with employees for motivation,
  • Always present for internal and external audits,
  • Taking preventive actions by taking a risk assessment,
  • Fulfilling the responsibilities given by the management team.


  • Bachelor's or postgraduate, (preferably engineering departments)
  • English-speaking,
  • 4-7 years of experience,
  • Responsible for costing and budget processes,
  • Responsible for processes of quality, food safety and hygiene rules,
  • Capable of advanced use of MS Office applications,
  • Interpersonal skills, communication skills and tracking are strong,
  • With analytical thinking capability,
  • Adaptation with the logistics industry and dynamics,
  • Investigator, results-oriented, innovative and capable of teamwork,
  • Experienced in management of blue collar employees,
  • Completed military service for male candidates,
  • Should be located in Cayirova, Darica, Bayramoğlu, Gebze and/or Anatolian side of Istanbul