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İlan Detay
hepsiburada görsel


Yazılım Uzmanı

İstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa

Hepsiburada.com - Yazılım Uzmanı

Job Definition

  • Develop backend applications and improve the quality of our system architecture,
  • Refine and tune integrations between applications,
  • Bring new technology and ideas to the table Desired Characteristics,
  • Analyze and resolve technical and application problems


  • 5+ years delivering production code for backend services in an Agile Team,
  • Expert knowledge of .Net Core , PostgreSQL and MSSQL,
  • Experince with RabbitMQ and Redis (queue and caching strategies),
  • Extensive experience with REST APIs,
  • Expert knowledge of distributed systems,
  • Working with Git version control system, including branching and merging strategies,
  • Strong knowledge of unit/integration testing, including the art of mocking and writing testable code
  • Expertise in development practices such as refactoring, TDD (Test Driven Development), DDD(Domain Driven Development) and continuous integration
  • Experience with OOP, Design Patterns and Microservice architecture
  • Strong understanding of the software development cycle,
  • Passionate about technology,
  • Eager to learn and stretch your boundaries,
  • Works well in a team and takes initiative,
  • Open to new approaches and new ideas.