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İlan Detay

İhlas Holding - İngilizce Öğretmeni (English Teacher)

Job Definition

Qualities/Responsibilities related to Teaching

  • Being dedicated to teaching to a certain age group,
  • Being mindful of the needs, interests and issues of the age group,
  • Being ready/willing to undertake the responsibilities apart from teaching such as conducting assessment, attending workshops, meetings, PD opportunities etc.),
  • Being willing to share, collaborate with fellow teachers and contribute to the English Language Department
  • Loving and enjoying teaching,
  • Being willing to be observed and evaluated by fellow teachers and, to observe and evaluate fellow teachers,
  • Welcoming constructive feedback given by fellow teachers, department head and administrators,

Qualities/Responsibilities related to Administration

  • Being willing to work at a private school for long years,
  • Being disciplined, organized and principled in the school,
  • Being obedient to the school rules,
  • Heeding and welcoming administrative instructions and/or recommendations,
  • Attending staff meetings,
  • Supervising students as instructed/requested,
  • Invigilating students during examinations as instructed/requested,
  • Providing guidance and counselling with students as appropriate,
  • Undertaking such other duties as requested by the school administration,


We are looking for English Teachers for the academic year of 2018-2019 who possess the mentioned qualities and who are willing to undertake the related responsibilities,

Minimum general requirements for teaching posts include:

  • An earned bachelor’s degree, and preferably a Master’s degree in a related field,
  • A teaching certificate for Turkish teachers and an approved certificate such as TEFL/TESOL/CELTA for foreign teachers,
  • Fluency in spoken and written English,

We offer

  • An inclusive and peaceful working environment,
  • 12-month contract,
  • Additional wage over 20 hrs,
  • Shuttle bus to certain districts,
  • Lunch (including Saturdays),
  • Opportunities for professional development,
  • A rich teaching resource/materials library,
  • A competitive discount rate for the enrollment of staff children,