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İlan Detay

İnkaş - English Academic Consultant

Job Definition

The primary responsibility of this position is to work actively within the Academic Department by supporting all key educational initiatives, sales and service programs through various work and special events throughout Turkey arising primarily from the distrubution and promotion of our products , resources and services, including the professional development of teachers who are using them.

The successful candidate will:

  • be based in İstanbul but perform duties across various regions of Turkey and occasionally outside of the country,
  • provide regular visits to designated schools and institutions throughout Turkey to give customised support and counseling to teachers regarding the appropriate uses or choices of educational products across all of our catalouges, according to local needs and circumstances,
  • develop positive and ongoing relationships with administrators and teachers at these institutions,
  • visit teachers across all grade levels in important client schools throughout the country,
  • provide advice about a school's English-language program based upon both the awareness and particular needs or aspects of the Turkish educational system, always in consideration of local need and circumstance,
  • provide demonstration lessons that focus on speaking activities / skills production that reflect the communicative philosophy of teaching and make use of our quality products while doing so,
  • prepare and deliver pedagogical / methodological presentations as schools, regional or national conferences for teachers,


  • a Bachelor's Degree or higher related to English or education ( a valid teacher's licence is an asset) and / or prior TESOL / CELTA or other recognized ELT / ESL / EFL training,
  • prior teaching experience in ELT / ESL / EFL to different levels and age groups, both within Turkey and international,
  • prior experience in the publishing industry,
  • a valid driver's licence
  • Excellent organisational and time management skills,
  • Exceptional English reading, writing and listening skills,
  • Highly independent yet work well and flexibly within a team environment,
  • Self-motivated and result-oriented,
  • Familar with TESOL methods and terminology,
  • Aware of systemic requirements and curricular developments within the Turkish educational system, from structural organisation through to current popular practices,
  • Able to present promotional or pedagogical seminars to groups of 5 to 500 professional educators,
  • Committed to personal and professional development with a long-term vision and aspiration to grow within the ELT indusrty,
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, Power point) and essential mobile / presentation technology