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store manager falconeri akasya avm
  • Store Manager Falconeri Akasya Avm

    Calzedoniaİstanbul Anadolu 2 Aralık 2022
    İş AçıklamasıCalzedonia, founded in 1986, in Italy, which is one of the largest international companies in retail sector (hosiery,swimwear and underwear ), continues to open stores in Turkey. Fine yarns and cutting-edge manufacturing processes define Falconeri garments. The brand, which the Calzedonia Group acquired in 2009, specializes in the creation of high-quality cashmere knetwear for men and women. Falconeri has always been inspired by nature. Its harmony and affinity with the environment make it a elegant brand, celebrating wide-open landscapes, freedom and movement via the simplicity of the materials. It offers pieces that are as sophisticated and essential as nature itself. We are looking for a Store Manager for our Akasya Mall Falconeri Store. • Responsible for the performance and management of store employee, • Ensuring the achievement of sales targets by creating a pleasant and dynamic environment in line with the targets set, • To support satisfaction by providing one-to-one service to customers, • Ensuring the development of store employee, • Making necessary reports to the District Manager, • Managing the necessary works for better results of the store, • Managing all kinds of operations related to the store
    Aranan Nitelikler• At least university graduates, • Who can speak fluently English and especially Arabic languages, • Having 3 years of management experience in the retail sector, • To be able to work sales-oriented, • To be able to coordinate stock, order and personnel management issues, • Successful in team management, strong communication, • Will be able to keep up with the energetic, dynamic working environment, • Smooth diction • To be take care of clothing and appearance, • Must have cashier information
    Aranan Kelimeler: store manager falconeri akasya avm, store manager falconeri akasya avm iş ilanları

    Sektör: Mağazacılık / Perakendecilik, Tekstil

    Pozisyon: Mağaza Koordinatörü, Mağaza Müdür Yardımcısı, Mağaza Müdürü, Mağaza Sorumlu Yardımcısı, Mağaza Sorumlusu, Mağaza Yönetici Yard., Mağaza Yönetici/Yönetmen Yardımcısı, Mağaza Yöneticisi, Mağaza Yöneticisi / Yönetmeni, Mağaza Yönetici Adayı


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