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İŞ İLANI VER:0216 572 25 25
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Aydın, Elektrik ve Elektronik İş İlanları

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Elektrik ve Elektronik
  • İş Açıklaması

    Aydın Buharkent de yer alan Limgaz şantiyemize çalışma arkadaşları aramaktayız.

    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Şantiyede 154kV Şalt tesisinde tabloya bakacak,
    • 154kV EKAT belgesi olan,
    • Montaj işlerinden anlayan,
    • Tesislerde deneyimli,
    • Askerliğini yapmış,
    • Seyahat engeli olmayan.

    Sektör: Otomasyon, Elektrik ve Elektronik, Telekomünikasyon ve Network

    Pozisyon: Montaj Teknisyeni, Altyapı Teknisyeni, Elektrik Pano Montaj Teknisyeni, Elektrik Teknisyeni

  • İş Açıklaması
    • Analyzing and researching market, creating a portfolio on source of supply, maintaining necessary negotiations with suppliers and documenting according to designated procurement material groups.
    • Putting supply demands into operation on time and complete, conducting supply processes according to company procedures, reportingprogress of supply process regulary to Management of the department.
    • Determining most convenient source of supply by creating a proposal evaluation table within the scope of delivery terms and duration, customs clearance, transportation, storing etc. along with economic life criteria, warranty, post-delivery costs and services based on Total Cost of Ownership.
    • Preparing purchase orders and contracts related to convenient source of supply to submit for approval of Management.
    • Conducting correspondences, meetings and negotiations with source of supply and related departments to maintain processes trouble-freein accordance with contracts and purchase orders and monitoring supply process from beginning to delivery.
    • Reporting possible updates, necessary information and documents on purchase orders and terms of contracts to related department on time and complete.
    • Following up and controlling payment duration of invoices for designated procurement materials and services groups, following up receivables and commitments’assurance instruments of these groups and reporting.
    • Executing necessary adjustments to protect company’s rights and interests in collaboration with related managers and departments in supply processes for warranty, claims and return policies for designated procurement material groups.
    • Executing supplier KPIs for designated procurement material groups and following up.
    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering preferred Petroleum, Geological or Geophysical,
    • Minimum 5 years of experience in related fields,
    • Experience in mechanical materials and project procurement, Geothermal Power Plant Project procurement experience would be an asset,
    • Ability of analyzing materials and services procurement on technical, commercial and logistic aspects based on “Total Cost of Ownership”,
    • Experience in forming and managing contracts,
    • Fluency in English both spoken and written,
    • Advance command of MS Office,
    • Advance negotiation and communication skills,
    • Analytical thinking and problem-solving skills,
    • Active driver and no restriction for traveling,
    • No military obligation for male candidates,
    • Must live in AYDIN province.

    Sektör: Elektrik ve Elektronik

    Pozisyon: Satınalma Sorumlusu, Satınalma Görevlisi, Satınalma Uzmanı

  • İş Açıklaması
    • Providing reporting and information flow and following up calendar in accordance with business agenda,
    • Organizing meetings both intercompany and out of company, following up reservations,
    • Following up travels, visas and accommodation organizations,
    • Welcoming all local and foreign guests, providing operational support on planning necessary organizations and activities,
    • Providing support on related departments in approval processes by following up documentation in department,
    • Handling filing processes for both domestic and overseas documents,
    • Communicating with official authorities.
    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Graduated from university with bachelor’s degree,
    • At least 3 years of experience as Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant and Administrative Assistant and willing to pursue a career in this field,
    • Excellent command of both spoken and written English,
    • Very good knowledge of MS Office Applications (Excellent Excel knowledge is a plus),
    • Excellent diction, strong interpersonal skills and knowledge of protocol and human relations,
    • An outstanding representation,
    • Good-humored, dynamic personality, patient, precise, detail-oriented, accurate and result-oriented,
    • Ability to manage time, planning, organization, coordination and following up,
    • Ability to work within flexible hours,
    • Active driver and no restriction for traveling,
    • No military obligation for male candidates,
    • Must live in AYDIN province.

    Sektör: Elektrik ve Elektronik

    Pozisyon: Asistan, Yönetici Asistanı, Üst Düzey Yönetici Asistanı, Yönetici Asistan Yardımcısı

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