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İŞ İLANI VER:0216 572 25 25
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Konuşma Kulübü - We’re Seeking English Teachers!

İş Açıklaması

We’re seeking English Teachers!

We have so many students that we want to have even more English teachers working with us. Our corporate name is Konuşma Kulübü. We cooperate with İstanbul Bilgi University and offer trainings to help everyone willing to speak English fluently. So far, all our current students and graduates have been really pleased with us. Not just our students of course. Our teachers continue teaching happily with us too.

What should be the requirements for our new teachers, you ask?

As far as teaching is concerned, they definitely have to have a degree from related departments,

Experience in teaching English to adults is needed, not bad if at least three years.

And a positive attitude, strong communication skills, classroom discipline, high quality service… if these mean a lot to you,

If it’s a teacher we are talking about, attention to appearence and clothing cannot be ignored, doesn’t even need mentioning.

Our classes take place at İstanbul Bilgi University Santral and Kozyatağı campuses, they are very easy to get to, we don’t describe the campuses, you have to see them yourself!

Looking forward to your applications.