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İlan Detay

Mandarin Oriental Bodrum - Lifeguard

Job Definition

To ensure surveillance in their areas of responsibility Makes patrols in designated areas.

Ensure complete stock of first aid supplies and life-saving equipment are checked every morning before the opening of outdoor areas.

Equipment are controlled manually using the check list and recorded in the check list.

The surface of the pool water and seawater are monitored. (water color, feces, etc.) Pool inside and beach are checked that is there the glass, hazardous objects, broken stair, etc. Continuously monitoring of the beach & pool users.

To ensure the availability of life saving equipment.

Due to pressing with bare feet in the sand, sharp objects could cause injury. And the sharp objects is cleared from on the beach in compliance with Safe & Sound standards. Share important information with beach & pool users with regards to weather and water conditions.

It provides the contact information in case of emergency and for questions on the bulletin boards. Beach flags are used in the standards of ILS (International Safety of Life) by lifeguards.

Lifeguards wears red hat, yellow t-shirt and red shorts according to the ILS and TSSF standards at the beaches and pools Checks swimming areas and piers continuously.

Identifies sharp and damaging objects on the beach area, nails, splinters, rusted and mossy stairs on the sunbathing piers, writes a report and informs technical service and housekeeping departments.

Informs Security Manager about the event and persons in case violation of beach or pool rules persists and any accidents taking place in their area of responsibility.

Responds first and informs Hotel Doctor in case of an accident, injury or insect sting.

Responds first to the drowning person in all kinds of pool and sea accidents and drowning incidents.

When the boats or water sports vehicles violate the swimming area of guests, warns those who violate and make sure they get out of this area.

It warns to children if they joke with one another in a dangerous way in the children's pool.


According to the standards of ILS and Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, two levels of lifeguards serve as follows:

Silver or Gold certificate (beaches)

At least High School graduate

At least 3 year experience


Sports School graduates