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Manpower Gayrettepe - Customer Service Executive

Job Definition

​We are seeking a "Customer Service Executive" with the following qualifications for our client which is operating in the FMCG industry.

  • Optimize order to cash cycle and reduce cost to serve and increase operational efficiency,
  • Optimize order pattern for customers, increase order size and reduce complexity,
  • Proactively drive and manage value-added sales&supply chain activities by close collaboration with customers, analyzing data and taking corrective actions,
  • Set up close collaboration with customers and implement scorecard to track performance with customers, meet with customers regularly,
  • Manage order management specialist team to ensure effective and timely management of orders for CS specialists,
  • Manage timely return order capturing,
  • Resolve CRR issues with customers,
  • Analyse KPIs on regular basis and drive root cause analysis for deviations from targets and prepare action plans for improvements with internal stakeholders and customers,
  • Implement quota management whenever necessary,
  • Follow up deliveries and contact with customers/3PLs whenever necessary,
  • Review stocks by location and allocate the order to warehouses to improve route planning,
  • Review credit control issues and resolve with finance before processing,
  • Share orders with transportation specialist,
  • Manage order processing team for new order capturing, return management and invoicing,
  • Correct mistakes on the orders and deliver to customer service specialist,
  • Calculating charges and process billing or payments,
  • Cooperating with Accounting Department for Invoice Issues,
  • Reporting reasons of quantity variance based returns,
  • Cooperating with IT Department About System Errors and Improvement areas,
  • Informing customer about delivery dates and order fill rate,
  • Coordinate with customers about quantity of return and agree on collection process,
  • Calculate the amount of return and align with necessary KAM,
  • Having received approval from KAM, proceed with collection,
  • Review the quantity of return and define collection timings,
  • Capture return invoices in SAP, compare with physical count, if deviation happens, align with KAM,


  • Minimum 4 years of experience in Supply Chain operations,
  • Excellent communication skills in English,
  • Very good level of MS Office applications,
  • Good level of SAP knowledge,
  • Strong analytical problem-solving skills,
  • Good communication skills, acting as a team member,
  • Good at working with details,
  • Ambitious, confident and able to take initiative,