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Manpower - Operations And Customer Service Executive

Job Definition

​We are seeking a “Operations and Customer Service Executive” for our multinational client operating in Logistics sector, who ideally has / is;

  • Performs a “Routing Check”(airplane, car, train, Aerolink),
  • Orders drivers (pickup / delivery of shipments at the customer, delivery / pickup of shipments at the freight-company),
  • Books and preadvises shipments,
  • Monitors shipments during the transport and reacts flexibly to any deviation from the plan,
  • Checks transport documents as per GGVS / ADR / IATA-DGR,
  • Builds and maintains relationships to contractors / transporters ,
  • Calculates shipment prices and transit-times,
  • Writes conversation-protocols,
  • Works securely with all pertinent regulations (ADR / DGR / IATA) as well as the relevant laws and ordinances.


  • Preferably undergraduated from university,
  • Fluent in English, both spoken and written,
  • Advanced knowledge of : Microsoft Office Programs and Internet,
  • Typically 3+ years of logistics,
  • Strong personal ethics and honesty,
  • Well-developed troubleshooting abilities,
  • Good communication skills and a team member,
  • Preferably located in European side of Istanbul.

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