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İlan Detay

Med Akademi

Occupational Safety Specialist

İstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa, Kocaeli

Med Akademi - Occupational Safety Specialist

Job Definition

Since 2011, we are looking for job Occupational Safety Specialist for the existing customer of Pharmaceutical Chemicals Industry of our company, which has been providing Joint Health and Safety Unit services to many domestic and foreign corporate companies.

Full-time service to a single company, we are looking for an Occupational Safety Specialist.

Working location Anatolian Side

  • To ensure that the activities carried out in accordance with the occupational health and safety legislation and general occupational safety rules in all parts of the workplace in the projects it is responsible for, to follow up the activities related to occupational safety,
  • To conduct research and development on occupational health and safety in all parts of the workplace, to reach the necessary information and documents and to meet with the employees,
  • Taking into account the risk assessment results, preparing emergency plans that define the potential of immediate and imminent danger situations and accidents and show how to prevent the risks associated with them.
  • Providing occupational safety training, risk assessment, emergency plan and consultancy services for the company it serves.


  • Prefably Class C Occupational Safety Certificate Holder,
  • Graduate from Bachelor Degree
  • No Military Service for Male Candidates
  • Good Command of English(written,verbal)