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İlan Detay


E Commerce Specialist Amazon

İstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa

MGS GROUP - E Commerce Specialist Amazon

Job Definition

Job Responsibilities:

-Responsible for Amazon account operations, including optimizing pictures, titles, keywords, uploading products, updating product information in time, and managing various platform promotions.
-Operate the Amazon back-end proficiently and process customer service emails in time.
-Responsible for product pricing and listing, maintaining, and optimizing the listing page to ensure account security.
-Planning an online promotion plan, planning store promotion activities, advertising, and implementation to achieve sales goals.
-Maintain inventory status, check inventory regularly, and develop a reasonable stocking plan.



-Excellent reading and writing skills with excellent grammar in English and one or more of the following languages: German or English.
-Interested in cross-border e-commerce operations and want to work in a challenging environment.
-Sales operations or customer service experience is preferred but not required.
-Excellent time management skills, organized, analytical, high learning ability, and productivity work proactively, have a sense of responsibility and have a sense of ownership.
-Excel knowledge and experience is required.