İlan Detay


Job Definition

We are currently seeking applications for the role of Business Unit Lead in Salcomp PLC - the international electric & electronic manufacturing company and the market leader in smartphone adapters - that we are consulting.

Company Description:

Salcomp develops and manufactures power supplies for mobile and other electronic devices, IoT sensors based on Wirepas Mesh wireless connectivity technology, precision structural parts and modules, 5G RF parts, and magnetic materials.

Salcomp is establishing a new factory in Avcilar, Istanbul to produce mobile phones. The goal is to employ about 1500 employees. The monthly capacity for this factory will be 300 k pieces.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1 Understand and master invoice management methods and related tax laws and regulations;

2 Review billing materials, receivables, and timely and accurately issue invoices;

3 Statistics of overdue receivables, follow-up reason for overdue and time of payment;

4 Provide various reports required by the group: sales report, sales forecast, income check, aging analysis, etc;

5 Responsible for the production, sorting and filing of various accounting files;

6 Other tasks assigned by the department.

7 Review the purchase statement and payable documents, and do accounting processing;

8 Review the supplier system purchase unit price;

9 Collect the PMC material requirement sheet and the payable schedule, prepare the "Funding Plan" and submit it to the group's capital team for allocation;

10 Check internal transactions, clean up and provide group statements in time;

11 Analyze the balance of accounts payable, and clean up abnormal accounts;

12 Provide information in accordance with external audit requirements, such as Urge audit letter, etc;

13 Arrange for supplier payment in accordance with the Group's credit and capital control policies;

14 Other tasks assigned by the department.


Experience Expected:

1 Full-time bachelor degree or above, major in finance or related majors;

2 Familiar with EXCEL, SAP;

3 More than 2 years of financial-related experience, agile and flexible, good communication and coordination skills;

4 Have a team spirit and be able to work under pressure.