İlan Detay


Job Definition

We are currently seeking applications for the role of Business Unit Lead in Salcomp PLC - the international electric & electronic manufacturing company and the market leader in smartphone adapters - that we are consulting.

Company Description:

Salcomp develops and manufactures power supplies for mobile and other electronic devices, IoT sensors based on Wirepas Mesh wireless connectivity technology, precision structural parts and modules, 5G RF parts, and magnetic materials.

Salcomp is establishing a new factory in Avcilar, Istanbul to produce mobile phones. The goal is to employ about 1500 employees. The monthly capacity for this factory will be 300 k pieces.


Maintains full responsibility for assigned business unit, including profitability, product management, budgeting and business unit operation.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Incorporate policies and procedures of the company in business unit operations
  2. Monitor and review company’s project activities and ensure that they are brought to completion within scheduled period of time and budget
  3. Provide effective management to organization’s business activities that have to do with its strategic and financial growth
  4. Create new strategies for marketing and monitoring QC and QA measures
  5. Build effective relationship with the clients so as to maintain good revenue increase for the organization
  6. Perform efficient finance management
  7. Ensure harmonious environment for working
  8. Responsible for training and mentoring staff; motivating them all for effective performance for the general growth of the company
  9. Set up the business unit’s strategies for promotional activities
  10. Develop and communicate the expectation levels and vision of the company to members of unit. This must of course be relevant to the company’s corporate vision and goals
  11. Coordinate with other heads of departments, integrating objectives and ideas for organizational growth
  12. Allocate resources to various centers and regions; all aimed at producing results
  13. Perform day-to-day administrative tasks, such as processing information files and other paperwork


Experience Expected:

  1. Ability to work under pressure and tight schedule
  2. A bachelor’s degree in business administration or in any related field. This has to be from an accredited university or college
  3. Creative thinking – The BUM should possess the ability to develop and create new ideas, systems, and relationships for the success of the company
  4. Decision making skills: He/she should have the ability to analyze information and evaluate results in order to make the best decision in solving problems
  5. Planning skills: – The manager should have the ability to develop specific plans and goals to help in accomplishing tasks efficiently
  6. Ability to tack complaints and resolve disputes and conflicts
  7. Motivating skills: The business unit manager should be able to encourage and build team spirit among staff, bringing about mutual respect and cooperation
  8. He/she must have pleasant personality and display managerial and leadership abilities
  9. Ability to identify new opportunities and exploit them to the benefit of the company