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İlan Detay

Mondelēz International ( Kraft Foods) - Maintenance Engineer

Job Definition

  • Ensure application of Mondelez International standards in utilities and production sections
  • Lead maintenance technicians in section
  • Ensure follow-up spare parts and consumables in section
  • Provide technical and organizational co-ordination and control of maintenance, repairs and service activities in responsible section
  • Ensure that all activities in section are in line with Good Manufacturing Practices, food safety and work place safety requirements (calibrations, maintenance records, periodical controls, etc.)
  • Be a part of TPM applications in section
  • Having CI (continues improvement) and 6? perspective
  • Performing the periodical tests of pressurized containers (together with Chamber of Electrical Engineers)
  • Checking the quality of the pieces and consumable materials before they enter the warehouse.
  • Taking offers for the materials that will be purchased by the Maintenance department.
  • Fulfilling the role of Technical archive responsibility. Ensuring the cleanness and tidiness of this area.
  • Engaging in studies and communications that support the team work and increase the motivations of individuals and the team.
  • Fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to him/her by his/her manager.
  • Ensuring that the electrical-electronic projects assigned to the contractors and machine manufacturers are completed and activated in requested conditions.
  • Being responsible of ensuring that the High & low voltage electrical maintenance operations, utility machines maintenance activities, energy management activities and projects, lightening maintenance , ATEX systems, fire systems, lifts and lifting devices, performed in the plant are in line with the EHS laws and regulations, policies and procedures and of conducting inspections in regular intervals. Being responsible of ensuring that LOTO is applied in cases where electrical isolation is required.
  • Executing the maintenance, assembly and revision works assigned by his/her superiors and reporting the works performed.
  • Ensuring the sustainability of production by immediately responding to the production machine failures. Communicating with other departments and requesting support in required cases.
  • Taking precautions for the works in the department he/she works in to be performed with minimum expense and in minimum time, providing suggestions that will reduce the expenses.
  • Being proactive against technical support requests of other departments. Keeping his/her team ready for such cases. Sharing these cases with his/her superior, when necessary.
  • Ensuring that the staff of the subcontractors from which the company purchased service, acts in line with the principles of the company, and taking the necessary precautions to prevent them from harming fixed or mobile assets and employees of the company.
  • Performing the operations regarding his/her unit in disassembly and assembly works of the plant machines and facilities according to the machine and facility assembly procedures.
  • Executing the maintenance operations in the areas of responsibility according to the Maintenance Procedures.
  • Giving technical training to operators and line responsibles.Reporting the relevant non-conformances or potential non-conformances about the Quality and Food Management Systems according to the Procedure of Corrective and Preventive Actions
  • Adopting the EHS Policy and acting in line with the goals, procedures and rules of the company about this subject.
  • Reporting suggestions or problems about EHS to upper supervisors or to the EHS department
  • Adhere to Environment Health and Safety, Worker’s Health; Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hygiene Rules .
  • Behave in line with Environment Health and Safety (EHS) regulations; company’s EHS policy, goals and procedures/regulations.
  • Understand and behave in line with Mondelez International Quality Policy; become aware of Quality and Food Safety requirements. Additionally, report nonconformity and potential nonconformity about Quality and Food Management System according to Corrective/Preventive Activities.
  • Become aware of position’s ethics and legal responsibilities. Express doubts and questions when be faced with unethical and nonconformity situations and behave honestly to professional business rules.


  • Engineering degree (Electrical, Mechanical - Electronics or Mechatronic)
  • Good level of English
  • Should be PC literate with good knowledge of MS Office and AutoCAD
  • Knowledge of Maintenance Applications (SAP-PM)
  • 6 Sigma, 5S and TPM knowledge is a plus
  • Good knowledge of Boiler Systems, Cooling Towers, Water Treatment Systems, AHU Centers, Compressors, Elevators, Fire Systems and Generators
  • 3 years of experience as a Maintenance or Service Engineer