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İlan Detay

OMSK CARBON - Operational Logistics Specialist

İş Açıklaması

The international fast-growing company is looking for a great Operational Logistics spesialist! If you are : ambitious, hard worker, love and understand logistics, want to become part of our international team- you are welcome!

Operational Logistics Specialist will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and monitoring logistics operations from taking goods from our Russian Plants to deliver point according the incoterms by vessel or truck for Turkey, Middle East, Africa and Far East destinations.

İstenen Yetenek ve Uzmanlıklar

  • Responsibilities:
  • To plan goods shipment from the plants as per received Purchase orders from Sales Managers;
  • To find the way of goods delivery and make agreements with all transportation companies such as international transportation and sea way - shipping companies for goods delivery, as well as with shipping agencies for goods transshipment via departure / arrival ports;
  • To check all agreements with multimodal transportation companies in regards of full description their obligation & responsibilities, notification of commodities, its packing, quantities, specific rules of our goods transportation, rates for the transportation, payment terms, penalty for goods loss & damage, free of demurrage & detention time etc;
  • To prepare all instructions for transportation companies;
  • To prepare all Bill of Ladings' instructions for sea way delivery;
  • Obligations:
  • To follow up all cargo flows in accordance with made production plans and in correspondence with our plants logistics' managers;
  • To inform regularly Sales Manager about their goods loading schedule and possible changes so that they will be able to inform their customers about goods arrival on time;
  • To follow up all shipping documents receipt on time from all transportation companies as per your written instruction;
  • To check all received transportation documents and after your approval to forward them to Financial department for its payments schedule preparation in accordance with made agreements;
  • To prepare all reports related to our goods deliver and our monthly loading schedule fulfillment on regular weekly & monthly basis
  • To inform Sales & Operation managers about nay road changes in our goods delivery on time;
  • To follow up transportation rates changes at the market and take necessary changes in our logistics scheme according to market situation