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İlan Detay

Rebul Kozmetik - Sales Manager

Job Definition


Rebul is one of Turkey’s leading cosmetics companies, developing, manufacturing and selling its product worldwide. Operating its own brands, licenses and private label business – supplying fragrance and personal care products.

The company's aim is to add value to its customers by producing innovative and competitive products that help its customers build their businesses. Innovation and creativity guide us, we commit to provide our customers with the highest customer satisfaction, satisfying regulatory compliance and environmentally friendly production.

Rebul Cosmetics has produced and developed fragrance since 1895. Rebul Cosmetics will continue to protect and develop its heritage with its rich product range and quality and environmental awareness.

We are looking for a Sales Manager.

Suitable candidates will have a background of at least 6 years in sales and at least 3 in sales management, a track record of achieving sales targets and developing customer relationships strategically and opening new accounts. A desire to build a business, working with respected retailers, often in English and at a world class level. The candidates will have a experience and knowledge of branded and/or private label cosmetics.



Identify current and future customer needs and opportunities reflecting them in collections for targeted customers.

Developing and managing a sales plan and strategy to meet the goals of the business.

Meeting planned sales and profit targets whilst developing customer satisfaction and the reputation of the company.

Tracking and reporting the sales performance plus developing plans to ensure targets are achieved.


An entrepreneurial drive and commitment to success.

Customers - generates trust and rapport, being able to understand and react appropriately. Helps customers understand what value our company can bring to their business, generating trust and commitment.

Team – leadership and management skills in everything they do, developing, encouraging and providing direction for their team.

Personally – focus, goal orientated, optimism, drive, work within strict timelines, demanding of themselves, persistent

In everything they do – responsibility, sense of urgency, competitiveness, positivity, adaptable, resilience, passion for their work, determination and continual improvement.



Holding Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.),

6+ years professional experience in sales, management, export and business operations.

Experience of working in English and with international companies.