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Yabancı Dil Merkezi

Englısh Language Teachers (Foreıgn Speaker)

İstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa

Yabancı Dil Merkezi - Englısh Language Teachers (Foreıgn Speaker)

Job Definition


  • Pre School/Junior Groups
  • Secondary and High School aged
  • General English
  • Speaking Clubs


We are looking for FOREIGN ENGLISH TEACHERS who can teach General English


  • · Fluent in English
  • · Previous experience not required
  • · Willing to improve and cooperate in a dynamic, friendly and enjoyable education environment
  • · Preliminary preparation to construct classes by the use of creative teaching methods (drama, role playing, group activities, songs, games etc. ) especially for junior groups
  • · Full involvement/active participation both in teaching processes, discussions and organization
  • · Open minded (self-evaluation), energetic and friendly