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Oz Company was established in 1965 as a family business and since then has been the pioneer for several aspects in dried fruit business, such as the first company to build its factory nearby growers, first partnership with a foreign company, adopting laser technology in sultana processing, as well as respecting the environment by building a proper sewage system for effluent water. In 1998, we have enlarged our plant and installed the second production line with another laser scanner and now operating in 7.500 m2 area. With this new building and second line our annual capacity reached to 10.000 tonnes on single shift basis.

Mustafa Kemal Oz started trading at a young age, opening a small corner shop in his village.

His enrepenerial skills led him into many different sectors, from textile trading to export of sausage casing. In 1965 after a friends suggestion to go into the dried fruit trade he sold his first container of ‘Sultanas’ to Germany. He quickly expanded to build his own process lines and increased his export business with new markets such as England and Italy. He was one of the first exporters to move his facilities out of Izmir town, closer to vinyards. His forward thinking attitude still runs in the family…

Grape cultivation is nearly as old as civilisation. It is written in Pentateuch, the Holly Book of Mosses, that the vine was first discovered by Noah. After his ark run aground on top of Mt.Ararat, he followed the goat walking around smiling which apparently discovered the deliciousness of vine shoots.

Vine cultivation goes back the to 6000 B.C. in ANATOLIA. Strong evidence shows that during Hittite era, wine cultivation and raisin trade become a widespread economic activity. Hittite laws even had clauses against theft of vine cuttings, sanctioning the thief beside paying fines to plant them back. Vine cultivation then spread to Italy, France over Greece and Create from ANATOLIA. In parallel fashion the etymological roots of modern European word of ‘vine’ can also be traced back to the word ‘Ufia’ unearthed in archaeological excavation in ANATOLIA. Wine and raisin production has thus become a historical reality in Anatolian culture over the centuries. Raisins, main crop obtained from grapes beside wine, are most delicious when produced from Sultana variety and the best of Sultanas are produced in Izmir and Manisa region, symbolising the centuries old experience of ANATOLIA in vine growing.

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