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İlan Detay
eylül 2017


Job Definition

TAB Food Industry and Trade. Inc. is a subsidiary of ATA Holding and was established in 1994 and in 1995 opened its first BURGER KING restaurant in Istanbul. Today, TAB Gıda is the leader in the sector with the number of restaurants opened and the volume of customers. TAB Gıda is increasing its activity day by day with Sbarro, Popeyes, Arby’s brands which are included after Burger King to the structure and with the brands of Usta Dönerci and Usta Pideci which are created by TAB Gıda.

Job Description:

  • Taking a facilitator role in defining high-impact, LT Business Strategies at the Corporate Level
  • Providing strategic insights to top management regarding potential risks, opportunities and other aspects of the process
  • Determining major milestones and deliverables
  • Co-working with Business Units / Functions to ensure objectives are aligned and integrated, to identify relevant measures
  • Coordinating the strategic planning process including the small-scale ones in which all gates and dates are clearly undertood
  • Preparing and updating the Company’s strategy and strategic planning documents
  • Transforming the LT Strategic Plan to Annual Business Plan including the all action to be executed in the corresponding year
  • Periodically following, analyzing and reporting the actual results of the operational objectives of TAB Gıda in line with its strategies
  • Conducting market research and analysis on pre-determined target markets
  • Regularly following and reporting the sectoral and economic developments with the corresponding department(s)
  • Regularly following operational and financial results of the opponents with the corresponding department(s)


We are looking for "Strategic Planning Manager / Senior Specialist" with the following qualifications to be employed in our company's Financial Affairs Department.


  • Experience in designing, implementing, managing and improving Business Planning approaches in a matrix management environment
  • Strong research, analysis and creative problem solving skills 
  • Good team player and self-driven with strong desire for taking initiative with a LT perspective of adding value to the team
  • Flexibility and ability to adapt to changing business needs and priorities
  • Strong influencing and negotiation skills 
  • Persuasive presentation and reporting skills 
  • No restriction to travel abroad
  • No military service obligation for male candidates