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  • Arup Mühendislik

    Arup Mühendislik

  • Arup logo for use within Word

    How to use
    Simply cut and paste the black logo below into your Word document.

    There are two options to scale the logo:

    Option 1
    Using Format|Picture|Size window from the main Word menu. Type the width value in the respective box ensuring Lock aspect ratio is ticked to scale the height in proportion.

    Option 2
    If you prefer to use the scaling tool (ie click the picture box and drag the picture box handles) make sure you constrain the width and height proportion by holding down the shift key and clicking on one of the four corner handles.

    Note on scaling
    For an A4 document we recommend you use the logo at the size supplied (65%) and never scale it greater than 100%.

    What if I accidentally distort the logo
    If you think you may have distorted the image (ie didn’t hold down/accidentally let go of shift), then use the aforementioned Format|Picture|Size window to check your scale and make sure the width and height percentage values are the same. NB: you can correct any distortion by typing identical values in these boxes. However, if indeed you have distorted the image you will need to untick the box that says Lock aspect ratio before typing in identical width and height values.

    This image is embedded in Word. You do not need any further files to print this image.

    Any problems
    If you have any problem with these logos
    Catherine Flack
    Arup, Corporate Communications Group, 020 7755 3841

    If you require a logo for any other use than Word, then please contact me to discuss your requirements.

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