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  • Marketing Sales Operations Representive

    Neta Yapıİstanbul Anadolu 18 Şubat 2019
    İş Açıklaması

    We are looking for a Marketing / Sales / Operations Representive for our company, a wholesale company in Turkey and abroad dealing with Swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi hardware and glass mosaic materials;

    * Presenting Company's Products and Services to potential customers,

    * Marketing operations,

    * Preparing proposals/quotations for costumers

    * Following up the proposals and receiving related orders

    * Being responsible for projects

    * Able to make hot/cold sale and/or following the collection.

    * Management of the existing customer portfolio

    * Add new costumers to existing portfolio

    * Establish/strengthen relationship with customers in our database

    * Ensure customer satisfaction after sales.

    Aranan Nitelikler

    * Abilty to work under high pressure with team spirit. Team player qualities.

    * Experienced in the dealership system and able to develope the current dealership system.

    * Active driver licence and no travel obstacles.

    * Preferably living at the Anatolian side of Istanbul

    * Advance level of English and Russian or English and Arabic (all 3 languages preferable)

    * Enough Turkish to meet the daily needs.

    * Advanced skills in various software (Office, Windows etc.)

    Sektör: İnşaat, İmalat, Endüstri

    Pozisyon: İhracat Direktörü, İhracat Satış Temsilcisi, İthalat Satış Temsilcisi, Pazarlama Mühendisi, Satış Temsilcisi

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