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    From the idea to the profitable process - We enhance and optimize process of manufacturing cement and thus enable sustainability.Evaluating of process control data and make a commentusing statistics and material scienceto optimize, develop and sustain processes - as a process developer you are right in the middle of it and accompany the whole process from A to Z. Having support fromour specialists in developing individual process steps,you will make sure that the whole process is optimized and sustainable.

    You think ahead: You measure and improve entire process and evaluate the progress of the development.

    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Degree in chemistry department & chemical engineering, (MS is preferred).
    • Preferably previous experience in mass production – especially cement production.
    • Aware of production performance indicators (KPI) systematics
    • Having experience about Root Causes Analysis and having an understanding of process development and efficiency.
    • Ability to communicate in written & spoken English in an understandable way.
    • Team player but also appreciative of a good mixture of personal responsibility and self-motivation.
    • No restriction to travel degree .

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