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Oğuzhan Özkaya Eğitim Kurumları - English Teacher

Job Definition

We are currently looking for qualified Teachers of English for our High School, Secondary School, Primary School and Kindergarten departments.


  • Must hold at least B.A. Degree in a related field and must be available to be appointed at MEB,
  • Who are not a graduate of ELT Department must hold a “Teaching Certificate”,
  • Must have a minimum of 2-year experience at teaching English,
  • Must prove their level of English by at least one national or international exam (YDS/YOKDIL/IELTS/TOEFL etc),
  • Be open to teamwork and collaboration as well as demonstrated ability to integrate technology in their classes,
  • Must be interested in following learners’ progress and guiding them,
  • Must have effective communication skills,
  • The male candidates must complete their military service.