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İŞ İLANI VER:0216 572 25 25
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As being one of the leading company in automation sector, Emisan can meet all the demands of the automation systems and can offer specific solution packages and product-service alternatives with constantly evolving technology.

Emisan has been launching successful businesses with high-quality engineers and technicians. Emisan's staff always carries out a project on time and in perfect working order to provide the best service.

Our company mainly focuses on generator automatic transfer switches , generators and gen set synchronization panels, energy automation systems (SCADA Automation), intelligent building automation systems, low-voltage/medium-voltage generator panels, distribution panels and performs installation and key turn contracting projects.

Remote Scada Management Systems

- Web based Scada applications (Remote monitoring and recording)
- Oilwell and pumping stations
- RMS Stations (Gas distribution)
- GSM Base stations
- Dirty & Pure water treatment
- Mining facilities
- Industrial factories
- Providing remote control of any plant process.
- SMS / email alert sending systems

BMS / DCS Systems
- Data center
- Collection of all data via several communications and displaying in datacenter servers
- Intelligent building management
- Lighting automation
- Security system automation
- Fire automation
- Air conditioning automation
- UPS automation
- Videowall applications
- Purifier automation (Humidity, temperature, water leakage.. etc)
- Billing & counter automation
- Mechanical automation
- Redundant SCADA

Generator Applications (Power & Control)
- Any size of Diesel generators, Gas generators, Co-Generation synchronization
(Low voltage / Medium voltage)
- Black start generator controls
- Auxiliary controls for gas generators
- Radiator fan controls
- Ventilation fan controls
- Cabin louver controls
- Oil pump motor controls
- Fuel control systems
- Live touch screen operator panel control and monitoring
- Generator management
- PLC controlled adjustable automatic load shedding / adding automation
- Remote & local controlled SCADA automation systems for generator
energy, mains energy, power transformers and analyzers.
- Redundant PLC Automation
- Special generator protections

Mains Failure Systems (Power & Control)
- Automatic transfer switches (ATS)

Distribution Panels for Generator Auxiliaries and Load Breakers (Power)
- Gas generator mobile set packages with auxiliary equipments

Diesel & Gas Generator Prime Power Plant Automation
- Low voltage
- Medium voltage
- High voltage

Green Energy Automation
- Solar power energy applications
- Wind power energy applications
- Local and remote monitoring of all data.
- Power distribution
- Produced power calculations

Resistive / Reactive Automatic Loadbanks for Generator Testing Purposes
Power Management Consultation & Applications
Service Facilities
Cable / Cable Tray Laying and Mounting
Steel Isolation Container Supplying

Commissioning & Technical Training

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