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Our company is the export company of Premier Business Group with the headquarter located in Romania. PB having more than 12 years experience in aluminium sector, became one of the most leading companies in the field in a very short period of time thanks to its quality and fast service. Thanks to our high technology steps in the aluminium sector and our principle of responding through our experienced staff, we actually are located in foreign markets with more than 5000 customised dies. The profiles that we have been producing are being used in nearly 40 different sectors from doors-windows to accessories from ventilation systems to roller blinds. Anodisation, powder coating, cutting, drilling, punching facilities are available in our plant. Our motto is to produce European quality with better prices. We can offer you very competitive prices and attractive delivery times either our standard sections or your own profiles in case you send us their technical drawings or the samples with all necessary information such as alloy, surface treatment, any mechanical processing, length and quantity.

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