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İŞ İLANI VER:0216 572 25 25
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Dökümantasyon Müdürü
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    The Technical Writer is responsible for writing and maintaining user documentation for our software products.

    The writer provides leadership in improving our company’s technical customer communication and documentation.

    Create and maintain user documentation for our products, including installation guides, API manuals, SDK guides and release notes

    Solicit material and work from verbal communication, functional and requirements specifications, and interim builds of the software during the development phase

    Evaluate and improve the effectiveness of documentation

    Create the Aurea documentation architecture, standards, and production process, and contribute to these as needed in order to support changes in technology, style, or types of user interaction

    Function as the customer advocate during software development, suggesting functional or user interface changes in support of usability

    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Creating and maintaining user documentation

    • Writing for different user personas

    • Understanding technical concepts

    • Transforming complex concepts into simple instructions

    • Planning out help strategies

    Bachelor’s degree in a technical or scientific field, or in American or English literature with a minor in a technical field, or equivalent

    Fluency in the English language, styles, and conventions

    The ability to master technical concepts and explain them in terms that are appropriate for the target audience

    2+ years of technical writing experience in a software company

    Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to effectively interview subject matter experts, and to collaborate with others in writing, editing and reviewing large or complex documents

    At least 2 years experience with structured authoring standards, such as DITA, and topic-based authoring; familiarity with single-sourcing and multiple output formats such as HTML, compiled help files, PDF, etc. Working knowledge of Web formats and technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript

    Experience using authoring tools such as MadCap Flare, Adobe RoboHelp, AdobeFramemaker

    A working understanding of programming and software architectures and/or databases

    Experience documenting APIs written in Java

    Experience creating customer training course materials or videos

    The ability to install, learn quickly, and to understand technical software, so as to be able to write about it clearly and accurately

    Experience working in a multi-disciplined team with remote co-workers

    Experienced in help conversion projects; converting from one format to another

    Sektör: Bilgisayar / BT / Internet

    Pozisyon: Teknik Danışman, Dökümantasyon Müdürü, Teknik Dokümantasyon Lideri, Teknik Dokümantasyon Uzman Yardımcısı

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