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  • Human Resources Director

    CVPLUS Search & Selectionİstanbul Anadolu 17 Haziran 2019
    İş Açıklaması

    We are looking for a ‘’Human Resources Director’’ for our multinational client which is leading in logistic sector.

    • Formulate, implement and review human resources policies and procedures,
    • Supervise the human resources team to carry out all the human resources functions and daily operations,
    • Provide support to other departments in terms of human resources related matters,
    • Prepare and provide accurate regular reports on human resources related activities on a timely basis,
    • Ensure the organization is in compliance with local employment ordinances as well as corporate policies,
    • Administer performance management process to ensure effectiveness, compliance and equity within organization,
    • Bridge the communication link between employees and the organization. Maintain high visibility and effective working relationships with HQ Global HR team,
    • Prepare annual budget and exercise monitoring and control within the budget year,
    • Prepare annual salary review and year-end incentive payment proposal,
    • Plan annual capital expenditure items and follow up on purchasing process,
    • Compile and monitor yearly manning budget with department heads,
    • Conduct market survey and analysis regularly to ensure and recommend appropriate compensation packages that are competitive within the industry,
    • Source effective recruitment channels,
    • Conduct effective selection process in order to hire the right people for the right position,
    • Run as interview evaluator,
    • Manage talent pool,
    • Work closely with management to build up positive morale and loyalty among staff,
    • Focus on motivating staff with positive reinforcement, constantly review staff benefits and welfare, establish and monitor reward system,
    • Handle and report grievances and bring to the attention of the management if necessary,
    • Investigate and serve warning to staff under disciplinary actions,
    • Advice management in appropriate resolution for employee relations issues,
    • Coordinate with other function areas to organize staff training activities.,(May act as facilitator when necessary)
    • Source various training media to benefit all levels of staff,
    • Provide skills & knowledge training to enhance staff development,
    • Plan and conduct orientation program.
    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Bachelor degree in related field; preferably graduate Master's degree,
    • Strong knowledge about all functions of Human Resources, (Performance Assessment, Recruitment, Training, Payroll & Personal Rights and etc)
    • To comply with all legal / administrative legislation related to the field of labor law and SSI legislation,
    • At least 5 years of experience in management level,
    • Preferably in the logistics sector; worked in a global company,
    • Very good level of English,
    • Self-confidence, high analytical, sociable, take responsibility,
    • Successful in human relations, persuasion and ability to represent,
    • Having strong leadership, planning and organization skills,
    • Have no restriction to travel.

    Sektör: Danışmanlık, Lojistik

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