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  • Buying Procurement Expert

    Firma Adı GizliTüm Türkiye 7 Aralık 2019
    İş Açıklaması
    • Intreact with Supply Chain & Sourcing departments to understand needs and provide full visibility on changes QCD requirements.
    • Lead procurement activities in accordance with the strategy set by the commodity buyer:

    *Place PO in the system,

    *Ensure PO acknowledgement,

    *Lead kick-off meetings when required

    *Manage the PO execution & close follow-up (incl. expediting, inspections (with Quality), delivery (time, quantity & quality), documentation, reception acknowledgment, payment..) and keep ERP system updated to reflect any change (change of dates, order variation...),

    *Support Supply Chain & Sourcing for NCR & Claim management.

    • On delegation by the CB, when applicable, take part in purchasing activities. Place RFQ, negotiate PO, award business,
    • Alert CB and project whenever needed (QCD at risk, claims, PO changes.. ) and take part in conflict resolution
    • For his backlog, perform action plan follow-up in order to secure OTD and reach expected performance.
    • Ensure & assess supplier performance with support of CB,
    • Ensure financial follow-up of POs in order to ensure supplier payment is done on a time, especially regarding acknowledged payment term & country regulation,
    • Monitor and report his/her regions supplier customer Hydro PO execution status,
    Aranan Nitelikler

    Educational Requirements

    • Mandatory: Master's degree. Experience in sourcing/purchasing of technical components or degree in sourcing with experience in mechanical or electrical engineering, Experience on project and process.
    • Optional: Engineer with MBA or equivalent


    • Mandatory skills and knowledge: Negotiation, legal, English, ERP handling, Project management, planning tools, usual PC and internet applications.
    • Optional: Quality design and manufacturing process

    Behavioral and Technical Skills / Competencies

    • Supplier selection & relationship management
    • Preparing and leading negotation with suppliers
    • Procurement
    • Planning & supply management
    • Project time management
    • Autonomy, harshness
    • Teamwork
    • Bring its contribution to the team
    • Written and spoken communication
    • English : proffesional capacity
    • Leadership
    • Convincing and Influencing
    • Shaping and Driving Change
    • Risk Management
    • Ability to make decision/sense of urgency
    • Resilience
    • Leading the way in EHS

    Sektör: Enerji

    Pozisyon: Satınalma Uzmanı, Tedarik Uzmanı, Tedarik Planlama Mühendisi, Satın Alma ve Üretim Planlama Sorumlusu, Satın Alma Operasyon Elemanı

  • Foreıgn Trade Operatıon Specıalıst

    Firma Adı Gizliİstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa 6 Aralık 2019
    İş Açıklaması

    We offer you a unique opportunity to be part of a world-leading supplier that operates in coating industry in diverse segments with 5000 employees in more than 45 countries around the world.

    We are looking for “ForeignTtrade/Logistics Operation Specialist” for their Turkey organization.

    • Performing logistic and supply chain policies, procedures to meet requirements effectively and on time,
    • Preparing custom declarations and other necessary documents that describe the goods and materials being shipped and comply with all import / export regulation,
    • Planning of orders needed by the operation unit and monitoring of the whole process until the delivery to the customer.
    • Researching, identifying and obtaining the permits, licenses, and certificates that are required for customs clearance,
    • Dealing with suppliers, vendors, transport companies, etc. to ensure the organization receives satisfactory standards of service,
    • Maintaining updated shipping information in the system,
    • Coordinating with other team member for smooth shipment,
    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Bachelor's degree,
    • Min.1 year work experience in export/ import / logistics operations department,
    • Ability to communicate in English,
    • Excellent command of MS-Office tools and ERP knowledge is an asset,
    • Strong customer oriented service approach,
    • Good knowledge in to import and export rules and policies, customs related regulations,
    • Strong communication skills,
    • Military service has to be completed for male candidates,

    Sektör: Yapı Malzemeleri

    Pozisyon: İhracat Uzmanı, İthalat Uzmanı, Lojistik Uzmanı, İthalat İhracat Lojistik Şefi, Tedarik Planlama Uzmanı

  • Ayakkabı Satın Alma Uzmanı

    Btm Bilinçli Tüketici Mağazalarıİstanbul Avrupa, İstanbul Anadolu 6 Aralık 2019
    İş Açıklaması

    Şirketimizin Ayakkabı Satın Alma birimine; "Zenne" kategorisinde deneyimli, moda ve trendleri öngörebilen, "Ayakkabı Satın Alma Uzmanı" aranmaktadır.

    Aranan Nitelikler
    • MS Office programlarını çok iyi derecede kullanabilen,
    • Zenne ayakkabı satın alma konusunda en az 5 yıllık deneyime sahip,
    • Pazar araştırma metodolojilerine ve satın alma sürecine hakim,
    • Tüketici tercih ve davranışlarıyla ilgili kalitatif ve kantitatif araştırmalar yaparak araştırma sonuçlarını analiz edebilecek,
    • Siparişleri takip edip sonuca ulaşmasını sağlayarak ve imalatçıya yön verebilen,
    • Ayakkabı kalıp bilgisine hakim, ölçü ve size set oluşturabilecek,
    • Esnek çalışma saatlerine uyum sağlayacak,
    • B sınıfı ehliyete sahip,
    • Askerlik hizmetini tamamlamış,
    • Seyahat engeli olmayan,

    NOT: Ayakkabı satın alma/tedarik deneyimi olmayan adayların başvurusu dikkate alınmayacaktır.

    Sektör: Deri/Ayakkabı, Mağazacılık / Perakendecilik

    Pozisyon: Satınalma Görevlisi, Satınalma Uzmanı, Tedarik Sorumlusu, Tedarik Uzmanı

  • Logistics Supply Chain Executive

    Baldur Süspansiyon Üretimİstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa, Kocaeli 22 Kasım 2019
    İş Açıklaması

    International automotive company Baldur Süspansiyon Üretim San.Tic AŞ in Turkey is recruiting a Purchasing&Supply Chain Executive that will carry out his/her work under the supervision of administrative manager.


    *Follow-up the entire process from the order of the raw materials and components which are in need of production to the delivery of the final product to the customer.

    *Make the order and follow-up of all kinds of materials (raw materials, components, and packaging) which are needed for production and new projects. Open the orders on the ERP program.

    *Organize the shipment for products to be exported, prepare the delivery notes on ERP, follow-up of the process from the customs operations to the customer.

    *Make price agreements between the materials received locally and globally, determine payment terms, ensure that necessary materials are entered into the warehouse according to the plan.

    *Make the order of the imported materials, organize the shipment and follow up the customs operations. Follow-up stocks in internal and external warehouses; organize transfers between warehouses according to production needs.

    *Follow-up customer orders to be shipped to domestic market, organize vehicle for shipment and prepare the delivery notes on ERP. Inform the customer in case of any change.

    *Make the order of the imported materials, organize the shipment and follow up the customs operations.

    *Organize the shipment for the products to be exported, prepare the delivery notes on ERP and follow-up of the process from the customs operations to the customer.

    *Make audits to suppliers and find new suppliers,measurement monthly and annualy performances of suppliers

    *Follow-up the contracts made on an annual basis with the transport companies, evaluate the delivery performance.

    *Invoice control and approvals of received materials.

    *Support warehouse, accounting, finance and quality departments in related topics

    Aranan Nitelikler

    *Bachelor's degree in related field,

    *Advanced level in English,

    *Minimum 3 years professional level work experience in Supply Chain

    *Highly skilled in the use of ERP & Microsoft Office products,

    *Preferred good knowledge of automotive quality and environmental management system

    *Experienced in leadership, team, production, planning management,

    *Driver's License (Required),active driver,

    *No military obligation for male candidates,

    *We provide transport service from Kadikoy, Anatolian side of Istanbul and we also have the possibility of transport service from factory to Izmit center.

    Sektör: Makine

    Pozisyon: Tedarik Sorumlusu, Tedarik Planlama Uzmanı, Tedarik Planlama Yöneticisi, Tedarik Planlamacısı, Tedarik Zinciri Sorumlusu

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