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fiba retail

Fiba Retail - Merchandising Specialist

Job Definition

Marks & Spencer is a prestigious innovative company in fashion industry serving its customers over 600 stores within 33 countries. As one of the leading retailers, we treasure the significance of our human resources strategies that has an enormous impact on our employee satisfaction.

We are looking for a high caliber member to join us as a“Merchandising Specialist” in our Head Office within the following qualifications;

  • Providing necessary data in order to purchase products in line with customer expectations and company profitability,
  • Checking out product orders,
  • Analyzing coherence of product demands from stores according to the sales performance,
  • Preparing sales & product reports and KPIs
  • Following up action plans via communicate with other departments about the product on a weekly basis
  • Checking out product orders and making sure that M&S UK provides the necessary corrections in case of any interruption.


  • Bachelor's degree preferably in Industrial Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics, Econometrics, etc.
  • 2 years experience in retail sector, fashion industry,
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English,
  • Strong excel knowledge, analyzing and problem solving skills,
  • Multi-tasking and eager to work as a part of a team,
  • Good communication and analytical skills, strategic point of view,
  • Military obligation completed for male candidates.

*Fiba Retail Group makes a commitment to avoid discrimination and respect all gender and opportunity equality principles in the recruitment process.