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İlan Detay

Dinamik Otomotiv

Senior Frontend Developer

İstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa, Kocaeli

Dinamik Otomotiv - Senior Frontend Developer

Job Definition

As Dinamik Teknoloji within Ada Group, we are looking for “Senior Frontend Developers” for our newly formed software team, which is located in Gebze Teknopark. You will be working on our biggest automotive aftermarket B2B systems renewal project in Turkey, especially the global B2B project.

We work in agile teams and in this role, you will be a part of our frontend team. You will work very closely with UI / UX Design and Backend teams with the goal of building components and implementing features. Teams have the freedom to choose their own methodology between Scrum and Kanban as long as they can establish improvement in each cycle. We have product owners in charge of the product backlog and we value improvements in small increments rather than large batches.


  • Follow and improve coding standards, team processes and best practices,
  • Write tests and create documentation,
  • As a team, help the product owner in grooming the backlog by refining technical details in user stories. Help out the product owner in dividing, merging or creating new user stories according to the technical point of view,
  • Help the product owner in detailing acceptance criteria for user stories,
  • Work with the design team to ensure that the design is compatible with our component structure. Evaluate design alternatives and impact design decisions based on the cost of development,
  • Work with the backend team on the contracts of the APIs, and give the correct direction for backend teams’ backlog items with respect to the implementation of the feature.


  • 7+ years of programming experience in Frontend development,
  • Excellent communication skills in English,
  • Experience in building component libraries, reusable UI components,
  • Experience in writing tests in JavaScript testing. We are using Testing Library and Jest, but any other library is okay as long as you take writing tests as serious as we do,
  • Proficiency in React, TypeScript, Storybook.js, style components,
  • Proficiency in CSS Pre-processors (SASS - SCSS - LESS),
  • Proficiency in Frontend build pipelines,
  • Knowledge in Azure DevOps, CI / CD Pipelines,
  • Knowledge in Git Flow or other branching models,
  • Knowledge in Google Analytics ecosystem,
  • Knowledge in e-commerce workflows is preferred,
  • Excellent team player.
  • We always add value to the lives of our colleagues. We make experiences beyond borders. We share their happiness, excitement, sadness and tiredness.
  • Working great with Jr developers and share all knowledge,
  • Experience with .Net, .Net Core, (Experience of NodeJS, Go and Python is a plus),
  • Experience with Docker, Kafka, RDBMS, Elasticsearch, Redis (You don’t have to be great at every one of them but you are going to use all of them),

What We Offer

  • Opportunity to work in the R&D center,
  • 30% opportunity to work independently of the place (may change during the pandemic process),
  • In-house / external training opportunities,
  • Additional payment for postgraduate education, doctorate and foreign language,
  • Performance Bonus,
  • Food card,
  • Service for Transportation.

*We attach importance to the security of your personal data. The data you will share during the application will be processed in order to carry out the job application and recruitment processes within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 and the relevant legislation.