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GERPAAS is a quality manufacturer of multidiscipline support systems in Turkey.
As a key player in the region, GERPAAS is recognized with the high quality and professional services provided.
The main product lines GERPAAS offer include various types of cable tray & cable ladder systems, piping support systems, mechanical fixings, earthing material, lintel channels, and facade anchorage systems.
All of the production facilities are handled at main our factory located in Turkey.
Specialized in the production of these electrical and mechanical systems, we also supply to our customers other accessories ranging from cables to plastic cable channels, and from construction adhesives to a diversity of electrical and construction related hardware. GERPAAS products, manufactured in accordance with the international standards and norms, are designed to create secure and durable fixings as well as practical and economic solutions in your projects. With our diverse product lines, we offer tailored solutions and systems for our clients' needs. GERPAAS is a joint stock company registered in Turkey.

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