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  • Part - 145 Maintenance Chief

    TCI Kabin İçi Sistemleriİstanbul Anadolu, İstanbul Avrupa, Kocaeli 20 Mart 2019
    İş Açıklaması

    TCI, Turkish Cabin Interior Inc., the joint venture of three major companies of aviation; Turkish Airlines, Turkish Technic and Turkish Aerospace Industries, was established in December 2011. The headquarters and manufacturing sites are located in Europe’s largest MRO Center, next to Sabiha Gokcen International Airport; Habom Facility in Istanbul, Turkey.
    TCI currently design and manufacture both narrow and wide body commercial aircraft galleys and stowages, VIP galleys, aircraft equipments, provide retrofitting and reparing services for Boeing, Airbus and world’s leading airlines.

    A Maintenance Supervisor is reguired with a satisfactory knowledge of aircraft maintenance and be (or able to| obtain) a Post 145 holder. He/she will be responsible for the maintenance/repair/modificaiton issues of TCI products as an expectation of after sales service. Candidates with experience of the cabin interior industry would be well received.

    We are looking for “PART-145 Maintenance Chief” to our rapidly emercing company. The Part-145 Maintenance Chief will be responsible;

    • Supervise, manage and provide strong leadership to the component maintenance team,
    • Ensure regulatory (EASA/SHGM/FAA), customer and company compliance atall times and at all levels,
    • Responsibility for staff training, performance assessment, work assignment and maintaining all relevant training documents for maintenance personnel,
    • Plan and co-ordinate all scheduled maintenance events at such locations as decided by the Company,
    • Communicate regulariy with the Company Ouality Co-Coordinators to ensure the highest level of compliance is maintained atall times,
    • Initiate purchase reguisitions as reguired,
    • Responsibility for managing and maintaining stores supplies ensuring adeguate levels for parts, supplies and consumables are available when required,
    • Communicate maintenance, guality and safety issues to senior management Adhere to established policies and procedures within the Company framework,
    • Ensure adherence to established standards by maintenance personnel,
    • Work closely with supply chain to ensure all parts, tooling etc. are ordered and managed in good time,
    • Manage and achieve all company KPI's,
    • Manage labour costsin line with budgeted assumptions,
    • Develop and implement work processes, standards and policies for work conducted by maintenance team to ensure high levels of production and regulatory compliance.
    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Able to hold Part 145 post holder position (Form 4) Strong understanding of safety standards and regulations,
    • Minimum of 3 years' experience in EASA 145/PART M role in the Aviation Industry,
    • Must be able to think and act independentiy and in an efficient manner Excellent time management and organizational skills,
    • Ability to lead by example; Exhibits enthusiasm and encourages a sense of urgency,
    • An experienced individual with strong leadership gualities to motivate the team to deliver a high level of service.

    Sektör: Havacılık

    Pozisyon: Bakım Baş Mühendisi, Bakım Mühendisi, Bakım Onarım Mühendisi

  • Bakım Onarım Şefi

    Faveo DanışmanlıkTüm Türkiye 24 Şubat 2019
    İş Açıklaması

    Danışmanlığını yapmakta olduğumuz Gıda sektöründe faaliyet gösteren firmamız için BAKIM ONARIM ŞEFİ pozisyonunda arayışımız bulunmaktadır.

    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Bakım onarım konularında minimum 5 yıl tecrübeli,
    • Elektrik ve mekanik alanlarında bilgi sahibi,
    • Ekip yönetimi deneyimi olan,
    • İyi derecede İngilizce bilen,
    • Erkek adaylar için askerlik hizmetini tamamlamış,
    • Balıkesir/Bandırma'da ikamet eden / edebilecek çalışma arkadaşı aramaktayız.

    Sektör: Danışmanlık, Demir-Çelik, Gıda

    Pozisyon: Bakım Onarım Yöneticisi/Yönetmeni, Bakım Onarım Şef Yardımcısı, Bakım Onarım Şefi

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