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Operasyon Takım Lideri
  • İş Açıklaması

    In your role as Team Manager, you’ll have a greater impact on the success of the future.

    • Your responsibilities will include, but are not limited to managing team of customer support advisors. You would be expected to deliver coaching and ongoing support to the advisors whom you would manage.
    • You also have a sharp eye for our business/client, and ensure that our quality does not take fault in these processes and continue to remain at its high quality.
    • You will be responsible to ensure a high information level to your temporary employees/team, which you’ll deliver through meetings and one2one conversations.
    • You will identify results and implement business plans according to these finds, to secure the delivery of stable and professional quality work.
    • You will answer directly to Operation Manager, to whom you’ll go over daily operations with, and to whom you’ll report activities and possible challenges in the team.


    Webhelp is a leading Contact Center provider internationally with about 35.000 employees. Webhelp Turkey currently operates in İstanbul, İzmir, Bingöl, Yozgat and Van with 3000 employees. We are committed to our people and thrive diversity and individual growth in everyday bases. We celebrate our differences. We believe in feedback and open communication to share knowledge and support business development. We guarantee high quality coaching and training and encourage and support our employees to find the best individual career development path with us.

    Aranan Nitelikler

    Webhelp Turkey is looking for new talent to join our Team. You will be a manager of the customer support team with plenty of potential to kick off your career. Why not come join us!

    To reach success in the role as a Team Manager, you’re expected to:

    • Have a positive energy;
    • Willingness to gain success with your colleagues and team, to reach the best possible results;
    • You show empathy, are trustworthy and are able to make decisions on your own;
    • You show a great overview, and can cover possible problems with your own judgement;
    • You are great with numbers;
    • You show great communication skills, both on paper and orally (German, Turkish and English);
    • You are structured in your work;
    • You show great adaption to the environment, and are able to adapt to changes;
    • You are flexible.

    Does this sound like you? Go ahead and submit your application today!

    Education, experience includes:

    • Bachelor Degree in equivalent branch;
    • 2+ years of call center, contact center business experience;
    • Written and verbal fluency in GERMAN, ENGLISH and TURKISH;
    • Great communication and organizational skills;
    • User-level knowledge of computer technology, personal computer or other devices such as pads, smartphones etc;
    • Excellent customer service skills.

    Sektör: Çağrı Merkezi

    Pozisyon: Çağrı Merkezi Müşteri Temsilcisi, Çağrı Merkezi Süpervizörü, Çağrı Merkezi Takım Lideri, Müşteri Temsilcisi, Operasyon Müşteri Temsilcisi, Operasyon Süpervizörü, Operasyon Takım Lideri, Incoming Elemanı, Incoming Operasyon Elemanı

  • Operations Manager

    Webhelp Groupİzmir 13 Temmuz 2018
    İş Açıklaması

    As an Operations Manager in Webhelp you have a key role and are responsibility to lead, coach and follow up team leadership within your assignment.

    You must align your work to the client’s requirements as well as global standards and internal procedures. Analysing and evaluating results to drive and deliver stable results whilst working effortlessly on improvements, are key elements of your everyday work.

    You are responsible for financial budgeting, operational performance and follow-up as well as Employee and Client Satisfaction. Your mission is to secure a thriving, profitable, and efficient place to work.

    Key areas of responsibility

    The work tasks and targets are described below, these may be subject of change over time, based on the business needs.

    Area Leadership, mentoring and coaching

    · Execute a Leadership that is adaptable to changing situations and conditions

    · Act as a role-model

    · Recognize what actions are required short and long term.

    · Actively participate in management forums

    · Follow up direct reports and support functions

    · Development and Career planning for direct reports

    · Salary revision and specific bonus models for direct reports

    · Cost efficient staffing as well as initiating recruitment

    · Secure a healthy working environment, physical as well as psycho-social

    · Run the assignment according to labour legislation and collective agreements

    · Communicate to direct reports about business code of conduct, security, targets, results, values, guidelines, policies etc.

    · Carry out RAQ and annual reviews

    Area Delivery

    · Drive performance to reach contracted, internal and financial KPIs

    · Drive Customer as well as Employee Satisfaction

    · Analyse results and implement corrective actions

    · Proactive communicate deviations and solutions; analyse result, detect deviations, mitigate risks, establish plans for recovery and time-to-target

    · Follow up financials during the month, includes two monthly checkpoints

    · Manage change and transitions

    · Manage process compliance and control

    · Redesign performance processes to reach targets, improvements and efficiency

    Area Client relationship

    · Contact person and delivery related questions from the client

    · Develop and retain a close and constructive relationship with the client

    · Develop and retain branch knowledge as well as client specific knowledge

    Aranan Nitelikler
    • University degree (Commerce, Management, Business) or similar is a merit
    • Good command of English and Turkish (written and verbal)
    • A minimum of 3-5 years’ leadership experience in contact center business
    • High communication ability, verbal and written
    • Knowledge of clients and contract
    • Be familiar with the relevant reporting and support systems both internal and external
    • Knowledge of internal procedures and processes
    • Knowledge of labour law and collective agreements
    • Good knowledge of Microsoft office packages
    • Work according to the KPI’s included in Job description
    • Excellent planning and organizing skills
    • Result oriented and quality oriented

    Sektör: Çağrı Merkezi

    Pozisyon: Çağrı Merkezi Müşteri Temsilcisi, Çağrı Merkezi Süpervizörü, Çağrı Merkezi Takım Lideri, Çağrı Merkezi Yöneticisi/Yönetmeni, Müşteri Temsilcisi, Operasyon Müşteri Temsilcisi, Operasyon Süpervizörü, Operasyon Takım Lideri, Operasyon Yöneticisi/Yönetmeni, Incoming Operasyon Elemanı

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