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Raporlama Yöneticisi/Yönetmeni
  • İş Açıklaması

    The focus of this role is to be fully responsible for supervising (planning, budgeting, following-up and coordinating) all projects related international retail operations process development and international expansion projects.

    • The PD&PM Supervisor will head up and be fully responsible for Retail Operations Development and International Expansion Projects which will deliver major change initiatives for Kiğılı. Projects are likely to be in various stages of process development and project management and may be located in different geographical regions.
    • The PD&PM Supervisor will manage/ coodinate externaland internal professional (partners, colleagues, clients) teams and will be required to lead and direct these teams to ensure that Retail Operations Development and International Expansion Projects are designed and delivered on time within budged, SLAs and high degree quality.
    • The role will require diligent liasion with internal stakeholders and to manage those relationships acrross the business in support of high quality delivery and saticfactory stakeholder engagament .
    Aranan Nitelikler

    We are looking for "Process Development(PD) and Project Management (PM) Supervisor" having the following qualifications to be employed in our company.

    • Graduated from one of the leading universities
    • 3-4 years experience in end to end project management
    • Preferably age between 25 and 30
    • Fluent in English (both written & spoken)
    • Have a strong communication and creative business skills, proven decision-making competence, energy and enthusiasm
    • Highly self motivated as well as a great team member
    • Strong numerical and analytical attitude and be strong in reasoning
    • Strong inter/intra company communication skills especially to be made use of while in meetings, presenting and commenting on presentations
    • Willing to learn new skills and develop himself/herself continuously
    • Be able to travel in Turkey or abroad
    • Residency in Istanbul Asian side or Gebze
    • Military service must be completed for male candidates.

    Sektör: Mağazacılık / Perakendecilik, Tekstil

    Pozisyon: Analiz Lideri, İş Geliştirme Yöneticisi/Yönetmeni, Raporlama Yöneticisi/Yönetmeni

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