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Satış Destek Bölge Sorumlusu
  • İş Açıklaması

    · Akaryakıt sektöründe Distribütörü olduğumuz BP Taşıt Tanıma Sistemi'nin pazarlama ve satışını yapmak,
    · Yapmış olduğu satış ve pazarlama faaliyetleri'nin analiz ve raporlamasını yapmak,
    · Belirlenmiş olan hedefleri gerçekleştirmek için gerekli aksiyonları almak,
    · Mevcut pazarın büyümesini ve potansiyel pazarların oluşturulmasını sağlamak
    · Pazardaki rakip faaliyetleri hakkında düzenli bilgi toplamak, pazar analizi

    Aranan Nitelikler

    · Tercihen akaryakıt sektöründe en az 2 yıl saha satış deneyimine sahip,
    · İletişim becerisi kuvvetli, ikna kabiliyeti yüksek,
    · Planlı çalışabilen, strateji üretebilen, problem çözme becerisi yüksek,
    · Yüz yüze satış-pazarlama yapabilecek,
    · Sonuç odaklı, takım çalışmasına yatkın,
    · Microsoft Office programlarını etkin bir şekilde kullanabilen,
    · Aktif araç kullanabilen,
    · Askerliğini tamamlamış (erkek adaylar için),
    · En az 2 yıllık ön lisans mezunu,
    · İstanbul bölgesinde çalışabilecek ve bu bölgede ikamet eden.

    Sektör: Akaryakıt/Petrol ve ürünleri, Diğer

    Pozisyon: Satış Danışmanı, Satış Destek Şefi, Satış Destek Takım Lideri, Satış Elemanı, Satış Pazarlama Elemanı

  • Sales And Application Engineer

    Altınboğa Makinaİstanbul Avrupa 16 Eylül 2020
    İş Açıklaması

    About Us;

    Altınboğa is Turkey distributor of Kubota Industrial Engine and leading manufacturer of Albo Generators especially marine generators. Currently Altınboğa is looking for an experienced team member to apply fort he position of Sales & Application Engineer.

    Our Distribution Business Unit in Europe consists of a Kubota Regional Directorate based in Germany, Turkey Distributor Altınboğa and dealer support network.

    We deliver reliable sales and service of durable and high performing engine, generator set and aftermarket products to our regionally based (global) partners.

    Our integrated business demand the talents and creativity of individuals with a wide range of skills and experience.

    The product set will include;

    • Kubota Diesel Engines
    • Albo Marine Generators
    • Albo Mobile Generators
    • Albo Standart Generators

    Your impact will be seen in these and other ways;

    • To create a proposal by offering the most suitable solution to the needs of our customers for all products in our portfolio, to manage from order to delivery,
    • Using your technical background in project engineering and in the engine and marine industry, you will work alongside sales management teams to plan and execute customer installations, and to generate outstanding customer satisfaction,
    • To oversee the applications where necessary, to provide the training of the end user,
    • In order to manage customer expectations in an efficient way, to work in coordination with the related unit for any service cases that may arise,
    • Monitoring and evaluating customer information and feedbacks, and reporting to senior management,
    • Working cross-functionally with sales, engineering and order-management, as well as with 3rd-party suppliers, you will leverage global engineering and project management capability to ensure projects are carefully planned and perfectly executed,
    • Acting as the operational liaison with the customer, you will track and communicate delivery timescales,
    • To carry out the promotion, sales and marketing activities of our products within our company,
    • To conduct customer visits in order to actively sell and serve in domestic and international markets,
    • To be aware of new projects by using the relevant channels in the current market, to follow up and to report,
    • To create a new customer portfolio and to improve the coordination and business volume with existing customers,
    • To participate in organizations such as fairs, seminars and training activities in Turkey and abroad,
    • To assist in office work,
    • To perform the duties of the relevant department supervisor.
    Aranan Nitelikler
    • Graduate of the Faculty of Engineering, preferably Mechanical Engineer,
    • At least 3 years experience in diesel engine and generator industry,
    • An understanding of emissions standarts in the Turkish market,
    • Ability to gather, analyze and communicate customer technical requirements, acting as the ‘Voice of the Customer’,
    • The ability to correctly identify, document and act on (or escalate as required) issues within a project, and the capacity to prioritize appropriately,
    • The ability to influence and cooperate with international and multicultural teams,
    • Fluent English and Turkish, both written and spoken, to a high, professional standard,
    • No travel restrictions,
    • Exposure to standard project reporting tools E.g., MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint (to advanced-user standard)
    • Ability of effective presentation and documentation,
    • To have analytical and strategic thinking skills,
    • To have Class B driving license,
    • Completed military service for male candidates,
    • Resident in Istanbul European side or be willing to relocate.

    Sektör: Makine

    Pozisyon: Satış Destek Bölge Sorumlusu, Satış Müfettişi, Satış Mühendisi, Satış Bölüm Yöneticisi

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