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Invented in 1873, Levi's® jeans are the original, authentic jeans. They are the most successful, widely recognized and often imitated clothing products in the history of apparel. Levi's® jeans have captured the attention, imagination and loyalty of generations of diverse individuals.

As the inventor of the category, the Levi's® brand continues to define jeanswear with widest range of products available from quintessential classics, such as the famous Levi's® 501® Original jean to favorite fits and styles in our Red Tab™ and Levi's® Premium collections.

Launched in 1986 in the United States, Dockers® brand products and marketing played a major role in the creation of a new apparel category for men's khaki pants and the shift to casual clothing in the workplace. Dockers® Khakis quickly became the No. 1 khaki pant brand in the United States and still holds that leadership status today.

In 1988, the brand launched Dockers® for Women, a feminine interpretation of Dockers® brand apparel. The line offers fashionable tops, dress and casual pants and a full range of accessories — designed to fit a variety of different body types and sizes.

Today, the Dockers® brand has expanded to more than 50 countries in every region of the world with a complete assortment of stylish and innovative products — including a full line of tops, footwear, outerwear and accessories — for a broad range of consumers.

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