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Analitik Metot Geliştirme Uzmanı İş İlanları

Hepsini Temizle
Analitik Metot Geliştirme Uzmanı
  • Method Engineer

    Klimasan KlimaManisa, İzmir 7 Aralık 2018
    İş Açıklaması
    • Machinery planning (line and layout planning, workplace ergonomy)
    • Product and process planning,
    • Collaboration at superior projects like optimization and general improvement of processes and procedures,
    • Supporting projects on the manufacturing places as efficiency, safety, quality, improvement etc.
    • Ensuring continuity and optimisation of production processes,
    • Defining proses and labor time on workplace base and Line balancing; Workforce planning due to changing manufacturing lots,
    • Value Stream analyse and design, defining and starting initiatives to eliminate wastes
    Aranan Nitelikler

    Metalfrio Solutions is currently one of the largest companies in the industry and continues to grow as a result of a strong and focused expansion program.
    The supply base consists of 4 strategically located manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Russia and has a global distribution structure in over 80 countries.

    Metalfrio Plant in Turkey (Klimasan) is one of the most modern and automated facilities in the industry. With its efficient manufacturing capabilities and excellent location can serve most markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

    • Bs. Degree in Industrial, Mechanical Engineering,
    • Excellent command of written and spoken English,
    • Advanced level of MS Office usage,
    • Live/Willing to live in or close to Manisa or İzmir.

    All applications will be evaluated by Human Resources and kept confidential.

    Desired characteristics:

    • Proactive personality and Analytical minded,
    • Result oriented,
    • Having team work approach,
    • Must energize teams through inclusiveness and connection with people.

    Sektör: Isıtma/Soğutma/İklimlendirme

    Pozisyon: Analitik Metot Geliştirme Uzmanı

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